Sonos has done it again!

Sonos has recently launched its first ever wireless TV sound solution in the form of a wireless soundbar called the 'Playbar'.

It features 9 speakers, 1 optical input to go from a TV or other device and also 2x ethernet connections.

The 9 speakers make the Playbar an LCR unit with the option to add Play:3's or Play:5's as surrounds to make a 5.1 system. Which of course means adding the Sonos SUB!

You can use the LCR on a day to day basis with your TV/Sky/Virgin Box to add much more clarity and definition to the lifeless sounds you get from the flat panels that look beautiful on our walls. This system performs well with Dolby and DTS 5.1 movies via the optical connection from a blu-ray player. Performance is superb for a wireless solution.

It really does make everything just sound that much better and testing it with the SUB makes even more sense!

We have been using Playbar in the shop for all of 6 hours but we are already in love with it. We know it will be a success. Call in, have a listen, also having the use of Napster and Spotify at our fingertips its easy enough to demonstrate!