Smaller Box, Same Big Naim Sound!

Naim has just released its new asynchronous DAC (DAC-V1) and baby power amplifier (NAP100)

And it sounds sweet....

The DAC-V1 has 5 digital inputs including 2 optical, 2 coax and 1 BNC that will handle up to 24bit/384Khz amd allow you experience high definition audio.

With its own volume control and headphone amplifier you can either just use it as a multi source headphone amp that can handle high res files or combine it with a power amp of your choice. The one that suits its best is its brother the NAP100.

With 50 watts into 8 Ohms and 75 watts into 4 Ohms its a powerful little box and as well as looking the part next to the DAC-V1 it just makes sense. If you want to go the extra mile and add another box then the Uniti-Serve will make a considerbale difference in the reproduction of the music!

The NAP 100 has RCA inputs so can easily integrate with an existing system or can even be used in multi channel systems! And at £650 it's an excellent upgrade!

By the looks of it Naim have made this move to bring audiophile quality sound reproduction to the home office and it makes perfect sense....being so compact it can fit in with ease! 

I listen to a lot of music through my headphones as I don't like keeping the neighbours awake at might and the headphone jack allows for those ate night listening sessions/

Connect these two wonderful units with a pair of KEF LS50's or Monitor Audio GX50's and it truly does sound good and its unobtrusive compact diemensions should make it partner friendly too!

Come and along have a cuppa and biscuit or three and have a listen.