Naim DAC-V1 and NAP100 turns computers into Hi-Fi!

We haven't had Naim's amazing DAC-V1 and NAP100 for long but they have already stunned us with a sense of scale far greater than the diminutive footprint would indicate.

The DAC-V1 combines an asynchronous USB DAC with S/PDIF inputs and a high quality volume control and headphone amplifier.  It's the ideal way to turn a computer into a music source good enough to satisfy even the most critical audiophile.  It's great on it's own driving a top notch pair of headphones or the addition of the matching NAP100 power amplifier will make a stunning pre-power combination.  The 50w per channel amp has all the dynamics, timing and clarity that Naim owners have come to expect. 

The USB input will handle audio files up to 24bit/384kHz resolution and the OLED display can show incoming bit rates and undertake bit perfect checks on ripped music.  Adding a Unitiserve hard disk server would complete a fantastic three box Naim system.

We are already taking orders on these hi-fi jewels from the first lucky customers to hear them.  At £1250 for the DAC-V1 and just £650 for the NAP100 they won't break the bank either whilst providing world class performance for years to come.