The Bristol Show - what to see first????

Iit's that time of year again where the Bristol Show is almost upon us, and the question that many customers are already asking me is: "what are you looking forward to seeing?".... well....

My first port of call with be to see the new PMC BB5se speakers!. We had the pleasure of having the existing BB5 in the shop a while ago and I have to say that they are probably the most amazing speakers we have had the pleasure of using... and they've made them better!.

I'm always keen to hear what people have enjoyed seeing or hearing at the Show, and once again I will be working on the ground floor sales desk.. so please come and say hello and tell me what you thought was the star of the show.

here's a link to the PMC page on the Bristol Show website:

The other thing I can't wait to hear is the Live Music at the show again. I don't know if people will remember hearing Eleanor McEvoy several years ago?... it was fantastic to hear live music being played to remind us what it's all about... this year (on Saturday and Sunday) "The Luck" will be playing live on the Terrace level courtesy of Focal.

They will be playing through Focal Stella speakers which should sound breathtaking!.

check the link for more info:

see you all at Bristol...


Swansea store.