Anthem MRX300. An instant winner!

Without a doubt, our most successful AV product this season has been our latest addition to our line-up, the Anthem MRX300.


Designed in Canada, this awesome little receiver packs a mighty punch in a cinema set-up but also is a stonking 2 channel amplifier too , comfortably seeing off the competition at anything like its price point.


It features the most advanced roo EQ set-up software called ARC (Anthem Room Control) of any such product which is provided by a separate CD Rom disc for a PC and includes its own custom calibrated microphone and fully adjustable tripod.


 This software requires a minimum of 5 points of measurement (in each of the seating positions for you and your family) as apposed to the usual 1, allowing a far more accurate reading of the room’s tonal properties and the ARC software accurately configures the receiver to correct tonal anomalies. What’s more, the measurements are stored on a PC for easy re-uploading should someone mess with the settings.


The unit has full 6 channel discrete pre-amp outputs allowing it to be used in conjunction with an existing 2 channel system (as a 3 channel amp and processor) or as a powerful stand-alone processor


All of this for just £1099, we consider this something of a bargain.