Arcam rBlink Bluetooth - Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC)

The new arrival in store today is the small but beautifully formed Arcam rBlink. 

The latest in Arcam's series of compact DAC products, the rBlink is an audiophile performance Bluetooth RF audio receiver and high quality digital to analogue converter.

The rBlink improves sound quality and provides the added convenience of streaming your music from any device that supports Bluetooth.

The rBlink enables Bluetooth enabled devices to be connected to your Hi-Fi system via the twin RCA outputs. It also has a SPDIF coaxial digital output and comes complete with everything required to get it working: power supply, aerial and stereo interconnect, although an upgrade to a Chord Crimson would be a good upgrade.

It's a doddle to set up, sounds great and adds so much extra flexibility to any hi-fi for a very reasonable price of £159.95.  Why not call in and take a look and a listen?