Naim Event "The Evolution of the Nait"

On January 16th at 7pm at the Marriot City Centre Hotel we will be holding our annual Naim audio event.

This time we will be looking at Naim Audio's iconic range of integrated amplifiers from the entry level Nait 5si to the all new SuperNait 2. The event is entitled "The Evolution of the Nait" and will see Jason from Naim talking us through 3 systems.

System 1. CD5si / Nait5si. This will introduce us the acoustics of the venue and the entry point into Naim's range of separates.

System 2. ND5XS / Nait5XS upgrade with Flat-Cap2XS and XP5XS. The next level up and our first opportunity to see what happens when you add dedicated power supplies to Naim components.

System 3. NDX / Super-Nait-2 upgrade with Hi-Cap-2 "DR" and XPS-2 "DR" Top of the range integrated should be music to our ears.

We will be using Focal Aria 926 floor standing loudspeakers which work very well with the Naim range. These feature brand new speaker technology. If all goes to plan we shall also have Dave from Focal UK to explain a little about how Focal achieve such a good sound.

If you register your interest in advance you will be entered into a prize draw on the night with the chance of winning one of 3 prizes. First prize Naim Powerline mains cable, Second prize 10 Naim label CD's and Third prize 5 Naim label CD's. There will of course be a goodie bag with a sampler CD for everyone in attendance.

Book your place by emailing

Date: 16th January 2014

The Venue

Marriott Hotel,

2 Lower Castle Street,




7.00pm, till 9.30 pm