Audio T Swindon Wax Lyrical About The New Cyrus Lyric 09...

We in Swindon are pleased to announce the arrival of the amazing NEW Cyrus Lyric 09 All-In-One Hi-Fi system.

On receiving the new Cyrus Lyric, The first thing we noticed was the change to the outer packaging... This is NOT your usual Cyrus fair!
After sliding off the top of the outer packaging we were then greeted by a rather nicely presented remote control in its own little cloth bag and Lyric Starter Kit which contains all the accessories needed to get you up and running.

After removing this top layer containing the Starter Kit and remote control, We were then faced with this!...

Yet another cloth (with pull string) bag. Now, just as this was starting to feel like a pass the parcel birthday game, which you never ever won, we felt that that we were getting close to the prize within! And this time instead of wishing the music to stop, so we could eagerly rip another layer from the parcel, we couldn't wait for the music to start! On opening the bag we were faced with the stunning Cyrus Lyric 09.

This truly is a one box wonder! Not only does it house all the usual suspects such as CD, Internet radio, DAB & FM radio, it also supports Bluetooth and a staggering 170 watt per channel amplifier (into 8 Ohms).

As you would expect from streaming equipment today, it can also be operated using the Cadence app from Cyrus if the nice new dedicated learning remote supplied just doesn't do it for you. 

We have lived with the Lyric for a few days now and are blown away by the build quality and how good it sounds.

If you are looking at down-sizing your Hi-Fi but upgrading it at the same time or you're just looking for a one box does all solution for another room without sacrificing sound quality then the new Lyric 09 could well be for you!

Come and have a listen for yourself! 

To book your demo, give us a call or e-mail us on: Tel: 01793 538222