Cardiff Store Visit Metropolis Recording Studio

Last month PMC kindly invited us to Metropolis recording studio in Chiswick.

The staff from the Cardiff store were given a guided tour of the infamous recording studio and mastering suites. Situated in Chiswick in "The Power House", the old tram ways power station, Metropolis has been the studio of choice for many of the worlds best recording bands and artists from Freddy Mercury to Elbow.

PMC of course have pride of place throughout the building with the two mastering suites sporting the flagship  setup in stunning 5.1. PMC BB5 XBD, active left, centre and right, MB2 XBD active rear. Although labelled as 5.1 this setup is really 5.0, no sub present. The reason for this is the fantastic response of the BB5 XBD speaker which easily delivers the sub frequencies needed for music and cinema. The sub woofer channel however, is still present in the mix, its just routed to the main speakers.

Haydn absorbing the re-mastered 5.1 mix of Elton John's "Rocket Man" in the mastering suite named Dylan.

PMC/Bryston electronics for the BB5 XBD and MB2 XBD.

Top left and right of the image the incredibly live and energetic new PMC 4x10s with digital amplification. This setup is in the live recording studio where the magic is played and captured. "Channel fader envy!" Too many knobs, not enough fingers.

 Award winning mastering engineer Tim Young gives us a brief insight to his working day. From mastering Elbow's "Build A Rocket Boys" to the live 5.1 mix of the French artist Johnny Hallyday.

 Shop manager Hefin taking a closer look at the software and tricks needed as a top class mastering engineer.

Its was a great day of training and a fantastic chance to here some wonderful sounding speakers in their natural environment. Thank you to Tom Barron and PMC for this fantastic opportunity.