A First For Audio T Cardiff, A First For The U.K.

This week, Audio T Cardiff became the first UK dealer to sell the stunning Project Signature Turntable.  This superbly engineered and crafted turntable weighing in at a massive 75Kg when packed in it's wooden crate was expertly set up at the customers home by ourselves and Duncan Quemby the Project representative.


The lid off, showing the ample packaging with the arm and suspended feet.

The top packaging removed allowing plenty of space to lift the turntable carefully out of the crate. 

Out of the box! The twin drive motors, the heavy inverted bearing assembly and arm pivot can clearly be seen along with the LCD display.

Next the turntable placed on the stand and the platter carefully placed on its bearing. The flywheel pulley and the three drive belts were then fitted.

Next the arm was placed on the uni-pivot bearing and the signal leads connected. The arm height was then checked and adjusted accordingly.

The Ortofon Cadenza Black MC cartridge was then fitted to the headshell using the supplied alignment jig.

Them came the setting of the tracking weight using the supplied electronic guage. A recomended tracking force of 2 - 2.5 grams for this cartridge.

Phew! it's done. Record on, glass of wine and feet up! Perfect!