New SONOS Play 1 Makes First Appearance!

Yesterday we had the honour of being the first Audio T store to take a look and listen to the new SONOS Play 1.

It was apparent, handling these small but perfectly formed speakers, that no corners had been cut in their construction. They have a reassuringly solid, well engineered feel to them and, as is the norm for SONOS products, a superb finish.  Black and white versions are available as with the other SONOS Play models.

The sound quality certainly didn't disappoint either. The specially developed long throw drive units enable the compact enclosures to punch out surprisingly deep bass and the overall sound is remarkably crisp, open and detailed.  

A single Play 1 sounds very impressive but connecting a pair in stereo mode produces simply stunning results. At £169.00 each the SONOS Play 1 is a real Hi-Fi bargain and a pair for £338.00 is a great alternative to a single Play 5, especially if stereo imaging is a priority.  

We are really looking forward to the imminent arrival of our first shipment of Play 1's. We'll have a pair on demonstration ans as soon we have unboxed them you can pop in for a look and a listen.

Just to make them even more tempting as Christmas approaches a FREE Bridge will be supplied with any Play 1, 2 or 3 purchased before December 31st 2013, or while stocks last.

For anyone still thinking about setting up a SONOS wireless system, all you need now is a Play 1 and a Bridge so why not take advantage of the offer and save £39.00!  It's a bargain!