Celebrate 20 Years of truly great loudspeaker design with PMC...

Here in the Swindon branch we have the amazing PMC Twenty 21 ( The baby standmount ) and the Twenty 23 ( The smaller floorstanders).

When we first heard these speakers late last Autumn we knew we were listening to a very special range of speakers.

The twenty™ series is the next generation of simply elegant, handcrafted British loudspeakers that follow in the lineage of world-wide acclaimed PMC designs. With PMC’s innovative ATL™ technology they provide an effortlessly natural, rich, room filling sound that would suggest a cabinet far greater in stature, making the twenty™ series ideally suited to all styles and sizes of interior.

Due to its complex ATL™ the twenty™•21 has significantly more dynamic grip and depth of bass than any other speaker of this size.

Certainly the first and overwhelming impression of the twenty™•23 is an open, engaging and communicative loudspeaker.

Please visit us or call on 01793 538222 to request your demo.