Pioneer SC LX76 and Pioneer SC LX86 amplifiers have arrived!

We have just taken delivery of the Pioneer LX76 AV amplifier and the flagship LX86 amplifier into our Brentwood store.



Both amps offer 9.2 Surround sound and have Apple AirPlay built in.

The SC LX86 is THX Ultra2 Plus certified (for larger rooms) and the SC LX76 is THX Select2 Plus certified (for smaller rooms).

Both amps have twin HDMI outputs to drive a flat panel TV and Projector if needed. Both offer iphone/android phone remote control apps as well.

Currently we have the LX86 on demostration with a KEF R Series home cinema sound system in a configuration with 2 Velodyne EQ Max8 Subwoofers.

Please call us on 01277 264730 or email us at if you would like to see and hear these fantastic amplifiers in action.