Wait ! Don't replace that AV amp just yet! Let me show you another way..

So you've got a nice AV receiver that has all the HDMI outputs you need, it even has 3D capability as well and will decode all the latest surround formats.

You've spent a lot of money on this amp but have the desire to upgrade to something better in order to get even better sound......

Normally many people would look at replacing the av amplifier altogether and get another one box solution.

There is another way to get better sound and keep your existing av receiver......Add Power Amps!

This can be achieved by using the Pre Out terminals on the back of the av receiver and adding separate power amps to drive the main speakers.

Q Why would you want to do this?

A In short - Better sound quality with increased dynamic range and more impact from movie soundtracks at any given volume

Many av amplifiers have preout terminals (Please check the rear of your unit or with the manufacturer if your amp has the preout terminals for all channels) that enable the user to increase the performance in their system by adding external power amps to drive the speakers instead of using the amps built into the receiver. So what you are doing is using the receiver as a 'processor' and bypassing the internal amplifiers built into your av amp.

While the amplifiers in the receiver serve a purpose in a basic system, the ultimate system upgrade would involve using external power amps to drive all the speakers in a 5.1 or 7.1 system. Subwoofers (unless they are passive) will not need a power amp as they are internally powered.

There are many ways to add power amps to your existing system -

1  Use a multichannel power amp to drive all the speakers. Something like an Audiolab 8200X7


2   Add Stereo power amps to power the main L/R speakers and then, as funds allow, add more amps for the other speakers such as the centre speaker and surround speakers. This could be starting with single Audiolab 8200P for instance and adding more when the time is right

3   Add Monobloc power amps for the ultimate in performance. One amp per speaker. Audiolab 8200M or Audiolab 8200MB for even more performance.

Audiolab 8200M

 Audiolab 8200MB



Doing any of these options above will increase the performance of your system. If you would like to hear what these amps can do, please contact us on 01277 264730 or email us on brentwood@audio-t.co.uk and we will be glad to show you what can be done to improve performance in your surround sound set up and still enable you to keep your current AV amplifier/receiver.