AV Amps - Do you need all those bells and whistles?

Let us introduce you to Anthem AV amps. Home cinema amplifiers from Canada that concentrate on the main reason for having an AV amp, top quality movie sound tracks.

They may be missing some of the periphery functions of their Japanese countparts but when it comes to sound quality they are the best we have heard by far.

They have all the important features like several HDMI inputs and upscaling, Dolby and DTS HD sound processing, and some of the best room correction processing on the market.

The entry level Anthem MRX-300 (£1099) has 80 watts per channel but sounds more gutsy than amps with a claimed wattage twice that. The MRX-700 (£2099) has 120 watts per channel and if you want more power output they have a range of power amps that can be added to give huge power.