Hitting the right CHORD...

The Chord Company have done it again!

Chords NEW Sarsen speaker cable is a stroke of genius. With it offering the same attention to detail that we have come expect from them, and this is before you hear it!...

Speaker cable doesn't come much more discreet than the Sarcen, At a little under 4mm in diameter, It truly is an amazining cable.

Don’t let the diminutive size of Sarsen fool you.  Bandwidth - and particularly bass, is influenced just as much by materials as it is by diameter.  The combination of oxygen free conductors and FEP insulation means that Sarsen will turn in a remarkable performance.  Even when used to connect an affordable/budget lifestyle home cinema system, Sarsen will surprise with the extra detail, dynamics and transparency it brings. 

Sarsen is more than just a discreet cable for use with lifestyle home cinema systems.  The Chord Company’s extensive test and development procedures mean that Sarsen has been used with some seriously revealing systems and with some seriously big and transparent speakers.  In fact, the performance characteristics of Sarsen clearly show the influence of their longest running speaker cable, Chord Rumour - a design so right that it has remained unchanged for almost fifteen years.

So wherever there is a need for a truly discreet cable, but one with the performance of a heavier gauge product, there’s Chord Sarsen - speaker cable that’s hard to see but easy to hear.