Streaming is the new disc spinning...

Over the last few years there has been a flurry of new streaming alternatives hitting our shelves.

Sonos was the firestarter in this new craze starting with the classic ZP80, ZP100 and ZPS5. Allowing you to stream all your music from your PC/MAC with ease, also being able to stream internet radio and the use of Napster and Spotify is an extreme bonus.

Being able to set up playlists for parties or general relaxation and also listening to music you never knew existed!

Now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon with Naim bringing out their second era of streamers (Uniti2), Cyrus with their Stream-X/XP/LINE and from Simple Audio with their Roomplayers!

There are many more available on the market but these would be my top 3 if I was looking for a hi-fi solution to streaming.

Another piece of equipment that has been coming thick and fast are DAC's (digital to analogue converters) Simply take a digital output out of any source whether it be a Sonos Connect or a CD Player of your choice, chuck it into a price equilavent DAC and the outcome is normally outstanding. We have had customers who have their stack systems and wanted to add Sonos into it but the quality isn't as good as their generic CD's.

Throw a DAC into the mix and the response is positive. My combination at the moment which I am very fond of is the Audiolab M-Dac (pre-amp on board) paired with one of Audiolab's many power amps.

Simply plug in my Macbook Pro and I'm away! Including hi-res 24/96khz files! Paired with speakers of your choice. Personally either KEF LS50 or Monitor Audio GX100's and the results are fantastic!

If you like the idea of having the convenience of having all of your music stored on your PC/Mac or nas drive in another room and being able to control it in another and not lose that outstanding quality then do call us for a demonstration!