A visit to Chord Company...

I didn't realise making cables was so fun (and difficult at the same time)

Myself (Danny) and Mahmood travelled to pleasent town of Salisbury this week to take a trip around The Chord Company's headquarters.

With only a team of 23 Chord aren't the biggest in regards to staff, but they do have some amazing facilities, equipment and very welcoming staff! Being my birthday on the day we went I was greeted by 'happy birthday' by everyone which made me realise that they are a close unit. They even got me some arctic roll with lunch and sang happy birthday. Wasn't expected but was a nice touch!

During the course of the day we learnt about the history of the company and what actually goes on behind the scenes when it comes to making the cables. From an idea, to making it, listening to it, tweaking it to then finalising the cable and producing it for the general public.

Myself and Mahmood made cables on the day and soon realised that it wasn't a case of chucking some plugs on to a bit of cable, and hey presto! The attention to detail in making sure every last bit of the cable is perfectly cut, soldered and prepared is astounding!
The highlight of my day was definitely going through all the cables that Chord make and seeing what differences they make and why! From Crimson to Sarum the changes are noticeable.

The Chord Company have some new products coming out soon so watch this space!