Rel G2 Subwoofer - Now In Store!





















We are pleased to announce that the awsome Rel G2 subwoofer is now in the Swindon branch along with it's smaller siblings, The Rel R328, T7 & T Zero, All amazing subs in their own right but the G2 is something else!

The G-2 features REL's most recent exposition on amplifier topology, driver technology and operational interface. Housed within a sumptuous furniture-grade enclosure finished in gloss piano black lacquer resides a long throw 10” long-throw carbon fiber driver powered by 450 watts of Class A/B amplifier power. The G-2 features the award-winning REL connectivity suite providing the most flexible and sonically transparent integration, weight and low-frequency authority to the main loudspeaker system. Employing an extensively braced enclosure sculpted in a truly sensuous shape, the G-2 is relativity compact and elegant with its finely tuned shape. Finished in furniture-grade hand-rubbed high-gloss piano black lacquer the G-2 will blend into virtually any interior environment. REL's vast engineering experience is evident in the G-2's power amplifier. Featuring a linear Class A/B topology employing MOS-FET devices, massive power supplies and transformers. Execution of build and component part choice is first-class resulting in extensive ruggedness and reliability. Mated to this bass engine is a tight-wind carbon fiber 10” drive unit capable of an exceptional pistonic stroke of 1-1/2 inches! This drive unit was necessary in order to generate the ultimate in loudness required to underpin today's high-performance main loudspeakers.

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