Headphones that do more for less

We broke out a pair of the new Pioneer SE-MJ751 Bass head headphones this afternoon and they revealed a number of pleasant surprises. The name BASS HEAD suggests they will give you not much else and therefore have a limited market and range. This however was not the case, they have an easy to use bass control on the outside of the left ear piece allowing you to adjust to your preference. They are comfortable and stylish keeping up with the modern trend. We tried them with several tunes some with heave bass and vice versa. The adjustable control made them very adept throughout, and then you consider the price at £79.95 making them a definite candidate for demonstration at least.

 At £200 for the Beats offering  I could not justify spending an extra £120 , the Pioneers do it all, comfortable, stylish, great sound.

We also tried their little brothers the SE-MJ721 at £44.95. again a hugely competent and stylish headphone  for the price and well worth a listen