Arcam's D33 arrives in Enfield

Arcam's D33 Digital to Analogue Converter

With the market now full of new-generation digital audio devices and sources, Arcam is proud to introduce its latest and highest performing DAC to date, the D33 SuperDAC. Using state of the art dual Burr Brown PCM1792, 24bit / 192kHz converters (one per channel), twin toroidal transformers in the power supply and state-of-the-art 4-layer printed circuit boards, the D33 offers music lovers a level of performance that involves, enthrals and engages from the first note to the last encore.


"separates instruments out in a vast soundstage. Couple that with the precision of focus and the wonderful articulation of that mid-band which makes voices about as studio as it gets."

"it has a sense of richness and tonal character to the bass that sets the D33 apart from the pack."

"it is among the tiny handful of best DACs ever made."

Quotes taken from HiFi + Magazine review of the D33.


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