Naim Discrete Regulator Power Supply Upgrade

Following a two year development project Naim has updated its power supplies to feature a new discrete regulator that greatly improves performance. The new Naim Discrete Regulator (DR) will be fitted to the HiCap, XPS, SuperCap, 552 PS and 555 PS power supplies.

Here is some more information from Naim and details on how existing models can be updated...

Building on Naim’s upgrade path philosophy

The addition of outboard power supplies offers an established upgrade path for many Naim products. By improving the supplies themselves, removing the electromagnetic field of the transformer and interference generated by the rectifier diodes, and by eliminating transformer vibration from the product case, Naim power supplies offer improved sound quality.

The role of the regulator

Voltage regulators are widely deployed within Naim power supplies to ensure that audio and digital circuits operate with a stable, low noise supply voltage, thereby maximising their performance. Naim’s new discrete regulator betters industry standard monolithic voltage regulators and, even more importantly, has had its design and component selection refined in the listening room to deliver maximised sound quality from Naim’s audio circuits.

A pure development project

As well as incorporating the newly developed DR in these five power supplies, Naim has reviewed and optimised every aspect of their design. Transformer mounting, wire gauge, wire routing, mechanical decoupling, internal layout and reservoir capacitors have all been scrutinised to ensure that the DR’s benefits are fully realised. The result of the inclusion of the new DR regulators and the updates to design is a quite significant increase in performance which helps the listener to really connect with the artist and music.

Updating your product

Naim is offering a special reduced price to customers for updates to the new specification for power supplies that were shipped from Naim after 1st February (outside UK) and 1st March (in the UK). These units will be prioritised for updates in the first instance, however from October / November 2012 all existing units will be able to be updated. For more information on pricing and how to get your unit updated please contact your Naim retailer.