Naim ND5 XS Network player




Naim Audio have been busy by expanding their range of ‘streaming’ products.

Introducing the new Naim ND5 XS. A scaled down version of the NDX if you like, It really shows how streaming should be done and how good streamed music can sound!

The ND5 XS is as versatile in use as it is in its applications. Its three user interfaces provide alternative methods of control - each one appropriate for different situations and personal preferences. It can be operated from its front panel buttons, from its remote control handset or by using the free Naim n-Stream iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app. In each case, control is simple, intuitive and satisfying. System automation features also allowing the ND5 XS to integrate with the DAC or any connected Naim preamplifier or CD player, offering centralised control via the n-Stream app.