Spring has arrived!

The first signs of spring are with us and so too are some exciting additions to our product profile.


First off are the recent Bowers & Wilkins PM1 loudspeakers. A most beautiful loudspeaker that would grace any room. Resplendent in their high gloss ‘mocca’ veneer with matching stands they sound as good as they look and really engage one in whatever music takes your fancy, well done B&W for designing a product that doesn’t sacrifice sound for the aesthetic.


Next up, Rega are still busy guys producing more fabulous new products the latest of  which is the RP6 turntable. A natural progression from their highly successful RP3, in a gorgeous high gloss finish. Key features are a new ‘flywheel effect’ glass platter and an aluminium brace.


Naim too have been busy, expanding their range of ‘streaming’ products. We now have the baby of the range in the form of the ND5XS. A scaled down version of the NDX if you like, it really shows how streaming should be done!


We also hope to showcase their flagship streamer, the NDS, sometime soon. Watch this space!


Whilst on the subject of premium products, Chord Electronics have very recently upgraded their QBD76 DAC to include full support for HD audio furthering their position of making one of the most potent DACs on the market today.


Last but definitely not least, we have a brilliant new D33 DAC from Arcam. They’ve gone full out to produce a state-of-the-art DAC with multiple inputs and full support for HD audio. A slam dunk as they say.


All of the above are all now fully run in and ready for demo/home demo, please call to arrange an appointment.