Arcam FMJ D33 DAC arrives at Audio T Southampton!

We are very proud to announce that we one of the first of an exclusive few hi-fi retailers to stock the superb new high end DAC from Arcam.  Those with longer memories will recall that Arcam have a long and illustrious history, pioneering the separate DAC, primarily to improve CD audio quality, with the original Black Box series.


This stunning new DAC is very much state of the art with dual Burr Brown 24bit/192kHz converters, twin toroidal power supply and 4 layer PCBs.  The comprehensive input sockets include 2 coaxial digital, 2 optical, iPod, AES/EBU and asynchronous USB socket for PC or MAC based music as well as 192kHz high resolution recordings.  The outputs are equally well catered for with dual RCA phono outputs as well as balanced XLR sockets.  This is a no compromise design engineered to maximise the fidelity of any digital music source.


The sound quality is stunning, open and totally involving.  The Arcam D33 is a true high end product and a worthy competitor to the awesome Naim DAC.  Give us a call to arrange a demo of either or to compare Arcam and Naim.  We are sure you won't be disappointed.

If your wallet won't stretch far enough for these fantastic DACs, don't forget that we also stock the wonderful Rega DAC and Audiolab M-DAC and the diminutive but capable Arcam R-DAC.  We have a DAC for every budget from £325 to £2099!  

Why not book a demonstration and see how good digital music can sound!