Elbow start using PMC speakers!

One of the country’s most popular bands and creator of the BBC Olympics music, platinum-selling elbow, is adopting and endorsing multi award-winning PMC loudspeakers. The band’s selection will ensure the quality of its music performance and production is captured as acurately as possible in the studio to provide authentic playback in the home.

The UK's Mercury Prize winning alternative rock band, which also performed at the London 2012 opening ceremony, has chosen PMC's IB2SA-P main monitors and the critically acclaimed twotwo.6 nearfield monitors for its studio in Manchester and selected products from PMC's twenty series for their domestic hi-fi use. The integration of PMC speakers enables the band members to record in their dedicated studio facility and hear the results sounding exactly the same in the more relaxed atmosphere of their homes.

The choice of PMC for the band’s studio ensures the complete recording process, from initial ideas through recording and mixing, and concluding with mastering, which is done at Metropolis Mastering in London, is conducted using identically voiced loudspeakers. Likewise, for music lovers listening at home using PMCs, they will hear elbow’s latest work sounding exactly the way the band intended it to sound and exactly how it sounded for them in the studio.

Currently working on their sixth studio album, the band is basking in the phenomenal success of Seldom Seen Kid and Build A Rocket Boys, and is keen to become more involved in composing sound tracks and film scores after its Olympics experience.

Craig Potter, keyboard player and the band’s resident producer/engineer, says, "We have been using the PMCs for a few months and found that they allow us to monitor back exactly what we have recorded with incredible detail. There's no flattering colouration and with solid extended bass and very natural mids we've found we can really rely on them" He adds, "We also have PMCs at home now and we've all heard subtleties in our music collections that we hadn't noticed before."

Miles Roberts, managing director of PMC, comments, “To have a band of elbow’s standing choose to equip their studio with PMC speakers is a fantastic testament to the unswerving dedication shown by our engineers to produce speakers that allow discerning artists to capture their music without compromise.” He continues, “We are also delighted that the band has agreed to act as endorsees for our products and look forward very much to hearing the next album, which will be the first to have been crafted using PMC all the way from the writing to the mastering stage."