Chord Co. Digital Event & Sarum Tuned Aray Update

The timing of the launch of the Sarum Tuned Aray range could not have been better as I'm pleased to announce we will the entire range on demo for our SPECIAL EVENT on the 10th November!

Furthermore, I can now let the cat out of the bag, Chord are updating their entire range with new plugs and in some cases all new cable too. These too will be here for the event.

Coming back to Sarum Tuned Aray, we were treated to a demo on Tuesday last to the mains lead and the RCA pair in the new configuration. To cut to the chase, what listening to them confirmed was that the TA configuration on the XLRs we heard was no fluke or just relevant to the XLR version. ALL TA configured cables benefit in the same way which is staggering to hear, yes even, and indeed, especially the mains lead. I for one would have believed it if I hadn't heard it for myself.

Unfortunately we ran out of time to hear the 5 Din- 5 Din version but having heard the effect the others had have no doubt it will also. We''l have it on the 10th for all to hear!