How to stream to an Audiolab 8200 series player or Rega DAC or Isis with an iPad.

Got an iPad or iPad2?

Apple iPad 2

 Then potentially you have a free(ish) streaming client. With the addition of the Apple Camera Connection Kit you can hook up your iPad to an Audiolab 8200CD or 8200CDQ via their USB input and not only play the music on the devise’s iPod feature (note: this doesn’t work with any iPhone or iPod as the CCK is not compatible…as yet anyway) but with the use of a UPnP client app (the best one I‘ve found is Plug Player (£2.99 from the App Store. There are some free ones but they're not so good), can be used to stream from a server, be it a computer or from a NAS drive with a built-in UPnP server, I use a Western Digital My-Book which has Twonky Media built in.

Western Digital My-Book NAS drive

 Once connected, one simply uses the Audiolab’s remote to change track, pause and stop.

Plug-Player App on iPhone

 However if one installs Plug Player into an iPhone or iPod touch as well, then these will operate the Plug Player app in the iPad, giving one a full touch-screen remote with full functionality, cool!


Rega DAC


This is of course not limited to the Audiolab players. It works with any DAC or CD player with an USB input such as the awesome Rega Isis and Isis Valve and their latest addition, the Rega DAC

Audiolab 8200CD rear panel