Naim updates the Apps for the n-Stream and n-Serve

Naim’s control applications, n-Stream and n-Serve, have been updated to be compatible with iPad alongside the currently supported iPhone and iPod touch.

Using customer and retailer feedback Naim’s team of dedicated software engineers have introduced several new features to the n-Serve and n-Stream control apps and made them compatible for use with iPad.    

n-Serve - what's new?
The n-Serve app controls Naim’s server products: the HDX and UnitiServe hard disk player / servers and NS01, NS02 and NS03 NaimNet music servers. As well as being updated to operate as a native app on iPad, n-Serve now has the following features across all three Apple platforms, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad: 

· Cover art support – n-Serve now displays cover art from hard disk player/server and users can scroll through album tiles.
· New search functionality – Full search capabilities added.
· Extended metadata – Extensive new data available for tracks and albums.
· Cache database – Music collection can still be viewed on the app even when out of range of hard disk player / servers. This means a music library can be checked when in a record store or out with friends. 
· Playlist reading – Playlists created on the desktop client, web browser interface or on the server itself can now be read.
· Select by device – Individual devices or shares on the network can be selected. 

n-Stream - what's new?
The n-Stream app is used to control Naim’s streaming products: the NDX network player and UnitiQute and NaimUniti all-in-one players. n-Stream has been updated to include a new layout native to the iPad and now has extra support for cover art, giving the user the ability to scroll through cover art tiles. 

The n-Stream app fully supports Naim system automation, a significant feature of the NDX. Once enabled, the app can control system volume, inputs on the preamplifier or integrated amplifier as well as Naim DAC inputs and CD control. 

You can download the apps by following the links below to the iTunes App store:

n-Stream Download
n-Serve Download