Rega factory visit

Rega HQ

Myself and Frank, my Saturday sales, both had a fantastic day down in sunny Southend-On-Sea on Monday to visit Rega HQ. This gave us the opportunity to see their business in full swing and to get some sneak previews of new and forthcoming products.

I have been on many such visits over the past years but what struck me, especially in the current economic climate, was just how busy these guys were. Amazingly they were pretty much at full capacity across the range of products, 120+ RP1 turntables per day alone!


 Rega RP1





 As one would expect, the DAC was being produced in large numbers too seeing as it's had such great press internationally. Naturally I expect the same with the soon to be released BrioR integrated amplifier which matches the new design introduced by the DAC. There will be others in this range but I'm not permitted to say anymore at the moment.


Rega DAC

  Rega finds themselves constantly rearranging the manufacturing space of their facility to cater for the newfound demand for their products such that they now have eight people alone just to build tonearms.

 But what I wasn't expecting was just how much space was needed to meet the demand for the two Isis CD players and the Osiris amplifier. There was upwards of a dozen pieces under construction including a couple in the yet to be announced silver option, yes you heard it here first!

Rega Isis





Frank and I would like to extend our thanks to Simon and Rob for interrupting their busy schedule to spend the day guiding us through the whole process of their manufacturing from goods-in to goods-out and all point in between.