Read our reviews on the PMC range of speakers

It's been a busy few weeks here at Southampton Audio T - in preparation for our PMC & Bryston event (between Tuesday 31st May and Tuesday 14th June), we've gone through all our PMC's to reaquaint ourselves with this great range of speakers.

You can read our reviews below, and of course find out all you need to know about them at the same time, including booking a demonstration.

As always, feel free to contact us through the web site or directly at the store if you have any further questions on PMC, or anything else that interests you!

Read our PMC DB1i speaker review here: "...the scale of their sound belies the compact enclosures..."

Read our PMC DB1iM-Ci speaker review here: "...the ideal centre speaker to match...PMC speakers..."

Read our PMC GB1i speaker review here: "...ticks all the boxes...large scale dynamics and real bass..."

Read our PMC FB1i speaker review here: "...remarkably sweet and transparent..."

Read our PMC OB1i speaker review here: "...truly dynamic bass and a transparent mid range..."

Read our PMC PB1i speaker review here: "...provide enough dynamic scale and bass...for the most demanding listener..."

Read our PMC TB2i speaker review here: "...ideal for situations where floor standers are not an option..."

Read our PMC TB2+M-Ci speaker review here: "...even punchier than the very capable DB1iM-Ci..."

Latest PMC News!  To mark the 20th anniversary of the company all passive PMC loudspeakers are now covered by a 20 year warranty!  This outstanding commitment to PMC owners reflects the exceptional attention to detail and quality control that the company applies from design through every stage of manufacture and testing for all of its product range.  PMC customers can rest assured that they are not only enjoying the very best in audio quality but can also have total confidence with their 20 year 'platinum warranty'.