Latest additions to Reading's product line-up.

Its been a busy time at Audio T Reading, what with the merger and all but I thought it time to inform you as to what is new here in our product line-up.


Audiolab. There have been many changes to the Audiolab range over the years but until recently little had really changed in the technical side of the designs. Basically just updates and price repositions and of course business ownership.


Audiolab re-enter the ring with a wholly new range of products but retain their core identity in their physical form. And boy have they hit the ground running? Right from the off we were impressed with their newfound performance in both the amps and CD players. No wonder they’ve received such great press, most impressive comeback I’ve ever seen!


Full range on demo now.



Naim Audio. You can always count on Naim coming up with new and exciting products and they’ve gone and done it again. Never to be out-done or sit back on their laurels, Naim now offer a comprehensive range of streaming solution products for those that want the ease of use without the usual performance losses. These include the original NaimUniti all-in-one player with CD play, the UnitiQute  minus the CD play, NDX high-end streaming player, UnitiServ server and the HDX server-player. There is something for everyone.


All but the UnitiServ now on demo


Rega. Rega have been quiet in recent times with regards new product but that’s all now changing!

A whole new range of entry-level components has started to leave Rega Towers. First we had the award winning RP1 turntable. Then the bargain priced DAC and soon we’ll have the all-new BrioR integrated amp. There are more additions coming soon but they’re embargoed at the time of writing this!!

We mustn’t forget the awesome Isis CD player and its brother the Isis Valve and the equally impressive Osiris 162w Integrated Amplifier. They may be £6K each but they take on alternatives 2-3 times these prises. Oh, and the offer a £1000 off when you buy both, even if you buy the second later on!

I’ll announce the new products as soon as they arrive. Keep an eye on our home-page too.