Rega Isis & Osiris

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Isis and Osiris

We are proud to announce that we now have on demonstration the new Rega Reference products, namely the Isis CD player and the Osiris integrated amplifier.

You know, once in a while a product, not just a HiFi model, comes along and stops you in your tracks. Where the design is so arresting that you can’t help but take notice. It’s happened to me on a number of occasions in the past. The Linn CD12, Apple iMac & iPhone, Audi TT, Lotus Elise MK1 to name a few, though to be honest I’m struggling to think of many more but now you can add one, no make that two more, these two Regas.

People often say there are things you must own, use or do before one dies and you guessed it, I think these are two products that fit the bill, such is their performance. You see, like the above mentioned, these are no superficial trinkets, they are the real deal, top drawer high-end HiFi at, and he’s the best bit, real-world prices, well compared to most that is claimed to be high-end.

Yes, nearly £6000 each (£11000 for the two if bought together) is a lot of money in anybody’s book but in typical Rega fashion, they truly represent a bargain in this end of the market, both in performance terms and build quality. They are both housed in solid anodised machined billet aluminium casework, the Isis weighing in at 19Kg and the Osiris an impressive 25.6Kg Be it sound or build quality, no-one will ever accuse them of being light-weight! Full details can be found at

This is a total departure from Rega’s usual market area and I was as surprised as many have been by their introduction so one has to ask who are they aimed at? Someone upgrading through the Rega range?, probably not, though you could do no better. Someone looking for a true high-end solution in two gorgeously designed units rather than multiple boxes, add-ons, tones of cabling etc, most definitely. Now one can down-size if that’s what’s asked, without downgrading!

Put simply, we all love the way these two sound. They have that rare combination of effortlessness and dynamic drama. They excel with all music genres from the purity of classical to heavy rock and all points in between. I’ve especially been enjoying choral music through them and as you can see from my profile, this is not my usual taste. I guess that’s what I like best about them, they broaden your musical horizons.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be running an open day on the 26th May 2010. This will take place at the Reading store and will include a Rega turntable clinic and prize draw for a Rega product! Details to follow so watch this space.