Fabulous NaimUniti


Now On Demonstration

Well, after a long wait, the NaimUniti arrived yesterday. After rushing to get it un-boxed and powered up, I was determined to see how intuitive the set-up procedure was so I decided to attempt it without the manuals.

Five minutes later I had it connected to our network and sitting back and enjoying streams via the Mac and listening to internet radio using its iRadio feature.

Wow, I have to say it is the best I've ever heard internet radio, on anything! Classic FM and Radio 4 sounded more like a DAB transmission, mightily impressed.

Comparing the streams from iTunes to a CD loaded in the drive bore similar enthusiasm.

I have to say though, I still can't see how they can offer all of this functionality and maintain they're audio quality at the price, time to have a chat with the wife!

NaimUniti will be on permanent in-store demonstration, so why not pop in for a quick listen and play or if you prefer, book a demo.

This is going to prove to be this summer's No.1 attraction.