Take Note! Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage

Introducing the Gold Note PH-10, a phono stage that we love and we are sure you will too. The PH-10 phono stage makes good first impressions with its slick Italian design and attractive front display. Not only does it look great, more importantly it sounds great. We listened to a “Herbie Hancock” track which had a trumpet piece and it had never sounded so in the room. Gold Note have out done themselves - the Ferrari of phono stages!


It boasts a range of unique features such as the EQ curvature adjustment, as well as load and gain adjustments, allowing you to pair it up with your own cartridge (Moving magnet or moving coil) which in turn will ensure you are getting the best out of your turntable. Did we also mention that it’s the first phono stage with two inputs and 6 EQ curves in one box?


The Gold Note PH-10 doesn't stop there, it’s also upgradeable by adding on its own unique power supply called the Gold Note PSU-10, this allows the phono stage to breathe, adding noticeably more depth, a higher degree of musical realism and much more established dynamics. As it is not essential to run the PH-10 its a nice upgrade to consider for the future. Gold Note proudly, and rightly so, boast that they design, craft and assemble every single part of the unit, which clearly reflects in the final product, sonically and visually.


To conclude, the Gold Note PH-10 and power supply are a fantastic pair of units that can enhance the performance of a wide range of turntables. We can’t stop listening to them currently with our Linn LP12 Akurate

But don’t take our word for it, why not pop in store and we’d be delighted to show you!

Gold Note Hi-Fi products are available from the following branches of Audio T: Bristol, Cardiff.