Naim and Focal Get It Together

How can you improve on a Naim Uniti 2 and the new Focal Aria 906 & Aria 926 loudspeakers?

Well it is easy, pair them together, sit back and immerse yourself in some of your favourite tunes.

As we know the Naim Uniti 2 is a very capable all in one music playing system addressing everything from FM radio broadcast to streaming music wirelessly from your computer.

The new Focal Aria's however, are new and incorporate new innovative technologies and materials developed by Focal in house. Flax is as a material as old as anicient Egypt, but a very new material in terms of speaker technology.

Focal decided to use flax for the bass/mid range drivers because they found it to be a stiffer material than Kevlar and much lighter than glass fibre as well as being more eco friendly as it uses no petro chemicals in the manufacturing process and can be sourced locally.

They didn't stop there either. A new tweeter made from aluminium/magnesium and mounted on a Poron suspension although still inverted making it obviously a Focal loudspeaker. The result of all this is a much improved presentation detail and better integration of the two drive units.

There are two models available in the package offer with the Naim Uniti 2, the Aria 906 and Aria 926, both available in Gloss Black and Walnut. The 906 is a standmount speaker and the 926 the first of the floorstanders, and it was the floorstander that has arrived with us first.

We set up the system last night and left it running - hopefully our neighbours are hard of hearing! - so we could get our first impressions this morning. We put on a few of our favorite discs and listened. The sound was detailed, tight and gutsy and all that before breakfast! So with a few more days of running in I'm sure this system will be something to be reckoned with.

So if you're interested in a one box music system with a pair of speakers it will be hard to find a better match, all this music and a special offer as well what more could you want?

Buy a Naim Uniti 2 and Focal Aria 906, save yourself £700 or a Naim Uniti 2 and Focal Aria 926, save yourself £800 what could be better so come and have a listen. Better still treat yourself to one as this is a very special offer for a very special package.

System Offer 1                                           

NaimUniti 2                  £2,795                    

Aria 906                       £898 (gloss black)                      

Normal system price     £3,693                    

OFFER PRICE              £2,995                    


System Offer 2

NaimUniti 2                  £2,795  

Aria 926                       £1,998 (gloss black)

Normal system price     £4,793

OFFER PRICE              £3,995


System Offer 3

NaimUniti 2                  £2,795   

Aria 926                       £1,798 (walnut)

Normal system price     £4,593

OFFER PRICE              £3,795


System Offer 4

NaimUniti 2                  £2,795   

Aria 906                       £758 (walnut)

Normal system price     £3,553

OFFER PRICE              £2,855