Powerhouse PMC Reference And Marantz Home Cinema System

Music and Movies are two passions of ours. Having one system that does both justice is something we strive for when specifying systems for our clients, who also share the same passion.

With this in mind, our large cinema room has been upgraded with the pre-power from Marantz and reference PMC Twenty5 26 speakers.


The Marantz 8805 AV processor is fully compliant with all the latest sound formats as well as being ready for 4K Ultra High definition sources.

The sound quality of the 8805 is improved vastly by the use of 32 bit DACS on all channels which means more enjoyment for you. Most processors use 24 bit DACS which do not sound as good.

The 7 channel power amp driving our PMC speakers is the beautiful Marantz MM8077 which supplies 7 x 150w of power to the PMC speakers.


High current, high bandwidth discrete power transistors can handle short term musical bursts with aplomb, even into difficult low impedance speaker loads. The PMC speakers always perform better when provided good juice.

The combination of the PMC Twenty5 26 Left and Right speakers with the matching PMC Twenty5 Centre really make movies and music shine.


For Surround channels at the rear, we have opted for PMC Twenty5 22 speakers which gell very well with the 3 power house speakers up front.

PMC 25 22.JPG

For Subwoofer duties, the REL S5 SHO fills the room with a deep and powerful low end which enriches the sound for stereo two channel and multi-channel enjoyment.


Bring along some of your favourite music and films and come and have a listen!

Thanks for reading. John, Keith & Mahmood - Audio T Enfield.

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Huge Sonic Rewards Await With REL Acoustics Sub-bass Systems In Stereo And Home Cinema Systems

REL products are not traditional subwoofers, but true Sub-Bass Systems. A REL is designed to augment the performance of full range speaker systems in order to provide, in certain cases, linear response below 15Hz.

A REL will take advantage of the physical room acoustics to provide deep pressurization as no traditional subwoofer can. For optimum results REL's should be placed in one of the corners behind the speakers if possible. Low bass pressurization below 40Hz is best derived from corner placement, where the most linear and efficient bass can be produced because the subwoofer is able to take advantage of the tangential (corner to corner) axis which is typically the longest distance in a room.

 REL subwoofers come in different sizes and most are available in a piano white or piano black.

REL subwoofers come in different sizes and most are available in a piano white or piano black.


It is not just about bass, as one might think when the word subwoofer pops up. REL's were originally designed for music based stereo Hi-Fi systems which could improve the overall sound quality improving the treble and mid range as well as offering more realistic bass performance. The way it works with either stereo or home cinema system is very clever. Supplied with every REL product is The High Level 'Neutrik' Cable, which is a very special cable and this makes all the difference!

 REL High Level Cable

REL High Level Cable

Here is how it works: Connect the red cable to the right-plus speaker terminal, the yellow cable to the left-plus speaker terminal and the black cable to either the left or right minus-speaker terminal on your amplifier.

Now connect the blue end to the REL subwoofer. Please have a look at the photos below

 High Level Cable connected to Amplifier

High Level Cable connected to Amplifier

 High Level Cable connected to REL

High Level Cable connected to REL

Now the REL subwoofer receives exactly the same signal as the two front loudspeakers, connected to the same speaker terminals. Position the subwoofer in one of the front corners of the room and start setting it up.

There are numerous set-up guides and set-up videos on the REL website and they  are nicely done and easy to understand and of course we can give you a demonstration and show you how to do this first hand when you visit us or any Audio T store.

The first song I listened to was the song Boogie Man of AC/DC's studio album Ballbreaker and the difference is huge. The kick drum and bass guitar sound rich and real, connecting you to the music. I then disconnected the cable from the REL subwoofer and started the song again. This time there wasn't the same depth and richness that I heard before. It is not only about the bass as I mentioned before, a REL sub also improves the vocals and imaging and integrates so well with the main system.

The set-up process is the same for stereo and multi-channel home cinema systems. First complete the high-level set-up then connect the single phono cable from your subwoofer output on your AV receiver to the LOW .1/LFE input on the REL subwoofer.


With both cables connected, this set-up is called REL Theatre Reference. I personally prefer to set the .1/LFE level at around 10 o'clock position, play a scene of a movie with a good punch and then adjust the level to my liking. There are too many good movies to name but I always use the first chapter of a movie called 9. The first 10 minutes will give you everything you need to find the right LFE level. It is also great to help you adjust the level for your rear speakers. Try it and you will be impressed.

 Visually impressive too.

Visually impressive too.

There are also wireless options (zero compression) available just in case you don't want to run the cables across the floor. Arrow Wireless (compatible with Serie T/i , except T Zero) and Longbow Wireless (compatible with No.25 and Serie S).

 Arrow Wireless Kit for a neat set-up

Arrow Wireless Kit for a neat set-up

I recently replaced a 12'' subwoofer (massive cabinet) in my system with a physically smaller REL T9i and I have to say  that his has transformed my system into something that has left me speechless* (*Not possible - Ed). A movie like Bladerunner 2049 makes me want to watch it over and over again. Stunning!

We hope that you have enjoyed our blog and hopefully we will see you in store soon. Stefan and Andy - Audio T Swindon.

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REL 212SE Sub Bass System Unboxing and Demonstration at the Manchester Store

REL acoustics based in Bridgend in Wales, are renowned for producing the worlds best sub bass systems for the most demanding stereo and multichannel Hi-Fi systems. Recently, they went beyond the call of duty by personally bringing a 212SE subwoofer and demonstrating it for a customer in our Manchester store.

 A very big box contains the REL 212SE

A very big box contains the REL 212SE

Unboxing the REL took us the best part of best part of 10 minutes, we were impressed with the welcome pack you receive and it felt more akin to unboxing military equipment with just the flight case missing.


Piano black finish is widely used in the Hi-Fi industry and varies from one manufacturer to the next. REL take considerable pride in their finishes and will go that extra mile to give them the edge over others. The 212SE simply looks stunning and the gloss black just looks deeper, akin to concours d'Elegance. 

 Here comes the Mirror Man...

Here comes the Mirror Man...

REL use Australian MDF for the cabinet. Speaking to a representative from REL, he explained that it was because they have found it to be flatter and smoother and the quality much higher than other suppliers. 

 Shiny happy people..

Shiny happy people..

The REL 212SE has two active 12inch drive units and a passive radiator keeps the design in a closed cabinet, meaning no restriction on where the REL can be positioned because of porting issues. The 3rd drive unit at the back of 212SE helps too.


REL's demonstration really revealed another depth of music unheard by many stereo loudspeakers due to the physical limitation of their cabinets. Obviously bass is far more prominent with the REL, not in the sense that you automatically assume; bigger is better comes to mind, however this could not be further from the truth! Agility, depth and subtlety are all expanded within the soundstage. The REL 212 SE revealed ambiance which was lost in translation before introducing the 212SE.

 Chromey bling bling badda bling!

Chromey bling bling badda bling!

 Customer Film and Music Heaven

Customer Film and Music Heaven

And the end result is a triple sub set up using twin REL 212se's with a REL T7i enforcing the centre channel. All using REL longbow and Arrow wireless technology, which means no trailing cables.

The customer is over the moon.

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New Monitor Audio 6th Generation Silver Series Arrive At Audio T Swindon

Monitor Audio have just launched the new Silver 6th Generation Series. This new range features two stand mounts, three floor standing, two centre channels, a pair of dipole/bipole surround sound speakers and an active subwoofer.

This is the new 6G Silver range:

Silver 50 (two-way standmounters)

Silver 100 (two-way standmounters)

Silver 200 (two and a half-way floorstanders)

Silver 300 (three-way floorstanders)

Silver 500 (three-way floorstanders)

Silver C150 (two and a half-way centre channel)

Silver C350 (three-way centre channel)

Silver FX (two-way surround speakers with switchable dipole and bipole configurations)

Silver W-12 (12in subwoofer with Class D amplification and 500W output)

The highlight of the new Silver series is a completely new version of the company's iconic gold dome tweeter, which has been fine-tuned in the quest for clearer, smoother and distortion-free highs. 

 Silver 200 Floorstanding Speaker

Silver 200 Floorstanding Speaker

 Silver 200 Floorstanding Speaker

Silver 200 Floorstanding Speaker

We think that the new Silver range sounds very good, fresh out of the box and after a few days of continuous running in they really shine and sound even better. We played Geiger Counter / Radioactivity (3-D) by Kraftwerk from the 3-D The Catalogue Album and oh boy, these Silver 200's impressed with a big sound and tight bass. Gregory Porter's "Hey Laura" of his album Liquid Spirit proves how emotional music can sound. Nice!

We then swapped them for the smallest of the range, the Silver 50's. Don't underestimate these little speakers by their size. We played the same music and wow, we didn't expect them to sound so big.

 Silver 50 standmount/book shelf Speaker

Silver 50 standmount/book shelf Speaker

 Silver 50 standmount/bokshelf Speaker

Silver 50 standmount/bokshelf Speaker

As I mentioned before there are two centre speakers in the range, the C150 and the C350.

This is the new Silver C150:

 Silver C150 Centre Speaker

Silver C150 Centre Speaker

 Silver C150 Centre Speaker

Silver C150 Centre Speaker

Please came in and have a listen. Our opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 - 5.30 and you can contact us on 01793 538222.

Many thanks.

Stefan and Andy - Audio T Swindon

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Music, Emotion And Hi-Fi. It's All About System Synergy & Set Up

Blogs are usually about a piece of Hi-Fi equipment and how it stands up against its peers or the previous version of it. This time I wanted to do a blog about a system and the way it makes me feel.

In our newly refurbished demonstration room at our Bristol store, we had just set up a system for a reviewer for one of the UK Hi-Fi magazines. The review was for the REL 212 sub bass system and to see how well it integrated with a pair of Kudos Titans. Looking at what had been put together and the reasoning behind the system, you soon realise that the magic doesn't just come from one bit of Hi-Fi equipment, it comes from all of the components working well together.

The kit that was used:

Chord cables throughout
Bryston 4B SST
Bryston BP26 plus MPS2
Naim NDX
x 2 REL 212SE stereo pair run via longbow

This is not an inexpensive Hi-Fi system but thats not what this is about. If you're a music lover you invest in Hi-Fi because you love music and the feeling and enjoyment you get when it immerses you in the artist's performance when it plays. To get to that point of musical nirvana, it takes both time effort and a level of skill to set up to ensure the system is as musical as possible.

The finished result after many hours of fine tuning, was a highly musical system that put a great big smile on my face and gave me chills when listening to it. So good that it made you want to keep playing one more track..... and the worries of world just drifted away. Probably one of the best sounding Hi-Fi systems I have ever listened to and in my time I have listened to quite a few.

Audio T established in 1966 has 14 stores from Preston down to Brighton. All of our friendly and helpful staff are music or film enthusiasts, most of who have been working in the industry for many years. Their collective knowledge and experience of a wide variety of different Hi-Fi systems is considerable and they do know what works well together and how to set it up correctly to make sure you get the most joy from your music and film collections. We all have different ears and tastes for how we like our music to be presented, so we will always listen and proffer friendly advice, but ultimately your own ears will be the judge..

Kevin Starkie, General Manager - Audio T

Come And Hear The New PMC twenty5 Series Saturday 29th October

Join us as we put the new PMC twenty5 range through its paces in Hi-Fi and Home Cinema set ups.

We invite you to take a closer look and listen to the new twenty5 range as we put on yours and our favourite pieces of music in our Hi-Fi demo room. We will be working through the range from the twenty5 21 to the twenty5 26's.

 twenty 26's pictured, the new twenty5 range will be shown on the day.

twenty 26's pictured, the new twenty5 range will be shown on the day.

In our Home Cinema room we will also have the twenty5 range set up in a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos configuration. The Twenty5 23's, Twenty C, Twenty5 21's & Twenty Sub.

 twenty 22 and twenty Centre pictured.

twenty 22 and twenty Centre pictured.

The PMC representative will be attending to answer any questions you may have. We welcome you to bring down your favourite pieces of music or films to test the new twenty5 range.

We looking forward to seeing you.

Many Thanks

Simon, John & Mahmood.

Audio T
159A Chase Side

Tel: 0208 367 3132
Email: enfield@audio-t.co.uk

REL T Series Ti Subwoofers Get Even Better

REL builds on the already solid T range which brings us to the Ti series. The line up consists of 3 new models, the T5i, the T7i & the T9i.

Both 8" and 10" bass engines have been redesigned using a AlloyFibre driver, not only is this lighter, but stiffer than its predecessor. As a result the cabinets have been made stronger to allow the more powerful engines to work without colouration. The active driver on the T7i & T9i are now forward firing, which gives even greater punch and agility.

The new range uses workhorse Class A/B amp designs coupled to REL's lightening fast signal filters allowing them to integrate seamlessly into any Hi-Fi or Home theatre system.

To make installation even easier the Ti series can be upgraded to become wireless using REL's own Arrow wireless system, meaning only a power cable is needed to connect to the back of the sub.

The Ti series offers greater depth with even tighter control over its predecessor (the T series) and even greater improvements can be heard when compared to alternative brands.

Book your demo today
Audio T 159A
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Tel: 0208 367 3132 enfield@audio-t.co.uk

Simon, John, Claire & Mahmood.

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