PMC Twenty 26 now demonstrating at Audio T Manchester.

The latest edition to the award winning Twenty series...

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The pinnacle of the Twenty Series...

The Twenty 26


A quick quote from PMC...

...the Twenty 26 delivers finesse,delicacy and musicality...

The Twenty series tweeter (above) is the only remaining component from rest of the Twenty series and rightly so because we love how the 21,22,23 and 24's perform.

There is however, a brand new mid range unit (below) and an all new bass driver. 

This quote from PMC makes absolute sense as regards to the new mid range unit and bass unit combined.

"an added ability to convey huge dynamic impact and the sheer scale of any musical performance"

Hmmmm...twin exit ports for the transmission line?? Read on.

Due to the high pressure transmission line within the Twenty 26 they use a larger exit to avoid turbulence and unlike ported enclosures the ATL produces a wide range of frequencies picking up from where the bass driver rolls off all the way down to 25hz.

You can clearly hear this in action as the Twenty 26 can pressurize our large shop floor area with ease.

I mean these speakers are seriously good fun and we intend to prove that at our next Classic Album Evening on the 9th September, yes that's right, the new Twenty 26's  will be our speaker of choice for our 2nd Classic Album Evening. (please be aware though, seating will be limited so book early)


We intend to furnish our readers with a little more information on how the PMC 26's sound over the coming months so watch this space for any updates on how they hold up with

some of our Rega, Naim and Linn amplifiers. Happy days!!!

Our PMC Twenty 26's are in the store now and playing.

Come along and ask a member of staff for a demo. 

See links for more info:


Twenty 26

See you at the store.

Classic Vinyl Evening #2, Tuesday 9th September

We are pleased to announce that following the success of our first vinyl evening, we will be returning to The Bridge Pub for another evening of musical entertainment.

This time around the album is going to be Bryter Layter by Nick Drake. We will be using a recent repressing cut from a back up copy of the original master tapes that had been kept safe by the producer Joe Boyd.

Equipment wise, the mighty Rega RP10 will be making a triumphant return but will be fed into into Naim Audio electronics (exact set up TBC) and PMCs latest speaker the Twenty 26.

Our new PMC Twenty 26 speakers have arrived and are playing instore.

You can read about them here.

Seating is limited, so please get in touch if you would like to come along to avoid any disappointment.

Doors open at 6pm, album start 6.30pm.



Just to let you know our second Classic Album Evening went swimmingly and a good time was had by all.

Here is some feedback from one of our patrons.

Just a quick message to say thanks for
another excellent evening.  It was great to be able to hear
the new PMCs - they are such a natural and involving
sounding speaker - and it has certainly given me aspirations
to eventually own at least a pair of Twenty 21s.  Nice
choice of album too, and love the fact that you played
'Solid Air' after the Nick Drake.  Danny
Thompson's bass playing really came through well!






Don't forget!! If you want to attend our next Classic Album Evening just drop us an email at 

Or keep an on our blog page for upcoming dates.