Dear Santa.....

With the big day drawing ever closer, it's the time to ask yourself "What do I buy that special person in my life???" and that special person is of course YOU!!!!

By far, the most popular gift at this time of year is headphones. Here's a selection of some of the favourites at the moment...

B&W P3  - £169.95 pair available in black, blue, red and white.

Sennheiser Momentum On Ear - £ 169.99 pair, available in black, blue, brown, green, ivory, pink and red.

Ivory finish Momentum "on ear".

also, there are the full size Sennheiser Momentum @ £259.95 pair

Kef have the M500s which are very similar in size to the Momentums, both models are extremely comfortable which is essential if you tend to listen for long periods of time....

We have recently taken delivery of the new Musical Fidelity E33 in-ears @ £79.00 and the MF100 on ear @ £119.00. The MF100 are the bargain of the bunch! Build quality for the money is amazing, which is also backed up by the performance. Ok so they don't sound as good as the Sennheiser or Kef but for the money they are simply wonderful!

For the portables we have a large selection to chose from, some that have smart phone compatibility and some that are straight headphones for the purist. Here's just a few.....

Sennheiser ie60- £ 139.95, CX300II - £ 44.95, CX275 - £49.95

also, the fold away models including the noise cancelling PXC250

PXC250 - £ 139.95

PX100II - black or white - £ 49.99

Last but by no means are the wireless headphones. Sennheiser are renowned for their sound quality when it comes to wireless models. They have certainly come a long way since the battery sucking versions with harldy any range from years ago. Range of signal is considerably further than most people realise  -feel free to come into the shop and try them out, we can send you out to the kitchen to get the kettle on for us if you want to test the range!!!!

Pictured: RS170 - £ 199.95 pair. Other models from £99 - £379.00

The most important thing to consider with headphones is comfort I believe. You can have sensational sounding headphones that you simply can never use because they may feel too tight or heavy, so make sure you call in and at least try them on and listen to them for a good few minutes before you decide...

other slefie gift ideas to follow.........

Full Metal Jacket.....

Musical Fidelity EB-50 headphones

Beautifully machined from military-spec aluminium. The light weight design also make the EB-50's a joy to use and very comfortable when in use. 

Now just in case you may be wandering how good the EB-50's actually sound, we think they sound great. Detailed with clean bass lines comes to mind. They are also very easy to drive, suiting almost every portable device out there. 

Don't believe us? Why not pop in to Audio-T Manchester and have a listen for yourself.

For more information on the Musical Fidelity EB-50 visit the official website or you can read a glowing review from Av Forums right here.

Thanks for reading


Audio-T Manchester

New Musical Fidelity EB50 In Ear Headphones Available for Demonstration

We have Musical Fidelity's brand new in ear EB50 headphones available for demonstration in store.

We have a listening station so you can try them out with your phone or mp3 player before you buy!

If you're intending to spend just shy of £150 on a pair of headphones you need to be sure that they are comfortable and fit well and most importantly sound great before you part with your hard earned cash.

If you're looking for a pair of audiophile quality in ear headphones that sound great when you're out and about on your bike, at the gym or errr......whatever you're up to come in and and have a listen.

Don't take our word for it either. See the video and read the review here

Jon, Farid & Audio Phil

We've just tried the B&W C5 in ear headphones out

We've just got in the brand newB&W C5 in ear headphones- read our review below:

"Well B&W have done it again, addressing many of the issues normally associated with ear canal headphones resulting in a headphone that not only sounds fantastic but fits properly and should, with the use of the secure loop system, out last many other makes on the market. A must for all iPod / iPhone users interested in high quality playback."

Click here to find out more about the C5 headphones, including more pictures, specifications, and reviews.