Bowers & Wilkins 800D3 & New B&W Formation Music Evening At Audio T Bristol

Join us on Thursday 24th October at 7pm at Audio T Bristol and hear Bowers & Wilkins legendary 800 D3 Series, one of the most iconic and revered loudspeakers in the world today!


The sleepy coastal town of Worthing might not seem to be a hot bed of Hi-Fi innovation, but in the 1960s one man lead the way - John Bowers. For over half a century Bowers and Wilkins has been at the forefront of music experience - to savour every nuance and detail in its purest form as the artists' intended. Then again Worthing defined from the Old English personal name Worth (meaning "valiant one, one who is noble", so maybe destiny was at work…


The iconic 800s series is the flagship class that stretches back to the late 1990s beginning with incorporating nautilus technologies, the separate top mounted tweeter housing and the synonymous yellow Kevlar woven speaker cone.

Change, evolution and relentless innovation in acoustic design and engineering are the cornerstones of B&W and today's 800 series diamond have gone further than before with B&W embarking on one of their most ambitious R&D projects ever undertaken - to re-imagine an icon from the ground up, while expanding the range and maintaining the musicality. Starting with the 805’s two way bookshelf, 804’s three way floorstanders, with material quality, cabinet finish, driver size, frequency response and overall sound stage performance rising through 803’s, 802’s & the top of the range 800’s

B&W product range continues to grow, with their audio expertise finding it's way into BMW, Maserati and McLaren cars, headphones and their Formation range, a whole home audio meshing solution.

Low--Formation 5.1 in Living Room Night.jpg

At the Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 Music evening at Audio T Bristol you will also be able to experience the new Formation wireless speaker range from B&W, bringing high level speaker innovation, seamless synchonisation with allowing to play your music from whatever source you have digital or analogue. The product line that began with the award winning Zeppelin has now evolved into an array of wireless solutions providing minimalist multi-room musical bliss.

For some people it's enough to hear music, but for some it's a life long journey an all encompassing hobby, others have just never heard the difference. Join us on THURSDAY 24TH OCTOBER FROM 7:30PM at Audio T Bristol with Matt from B&W as he guides us through the Formation series and 800 range and enjoy an evening experience new levels of music performance.

Click here to reserve your place at this not to be missed event or come along on the day.

We look forward to seeing you. Max, James & Justin.

Rega Planar 10 Product Launch And An Exclusive UK Premiere Of The New Russell K Red 150SE

Attention music lovers! join us in store on Saturday 12th October for a feast of music and exclusive new Hi-Fi product launches, which promises to be an event not to be missed!

Rega and Russell K will be here to demonstrate their new products and we are very exited with what is in store! Diverse Vinyl will also bringing their pop up shop and showing off the latest and greatest releases on vinyl! Read on for more details….


Rega is one of our favourite British Hi-Fi brands and they are bringing in the following:

UK Launch of the Aethos Integrated Amplifier: This new amplifier sits between the Rega Elicit-R and Osiris amplifiers. This is a power house of an amplifier with a dual mono design and provides 125w per channel into 8 ohms. So it can drive your speakers with ease and the new pre-amplifier stage uses an excellent Class A design.

UK launch of the new Rega RP10 Turntable. Rega always build all of their record players at their factory in Southend-on-Sea, in Essex England with care and attention and if the previous turntables are anything to go by, it will be pretty special. Click here to read more about it in our news item.


Russell K (Chief designer and owner of Russell K Speakers) will be in the shop as well with new models.

UK Premiere of the new Russell K Red 150SE

Russell will be here to explain and demonstrate his new upgrades:

  • New tweeter with metal faceplate

  • Modification to Red 150 tweeter crossover

  • New sub bass coil

  • New plinth and spikes

All of which enhance the sound quality!

Reserve you place here, or come along on Saturday 12th Oct at 10:30 until 6pm to enjoy a great day of music and Hi-Fi!

John, Mahmood, Jason - Audio T Enfield.

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Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 Series Update!

We are thrilled to announce that our B&W 800 D3 speaker range is now complete!

Here is 803 D3 in our demonstration room looking ravishing in rosenut and sounding equally magnificent powered by the PMC Cor amplifier.


And now for the icing on the cake…..


The totally stunning 802 D3 looking glorious in their flawless deep gloss black finish. Despite their substantial stature we have been amazed and delighted with the sheer clarity and scale of sound achieved in our modest demonstration room. The PMC Cor has proven itself more than capable of taking full control of 802 D3 to create a totally convincing and beguiling musical experience. Many’s the time we have had to drag ourselves away from extended listening sessions to deal with more mundane duties!

Give your ears a treat and give us a call to book a demonstration in store. All of the 800 D3 speakers are brilliant so don’t forget we also have 805 and 804 in store.

See you soon!

Alan, John and Wayne - Audio T Southampton.

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Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeakers Are Back At Audio T Cheltenham! Trade Up & Save Up To £600

We’re excited and delighted to announce that we are now stocking both the 600 and 700 Series loudspeakers from legendary speaker designers Bowers & Wilkins.

Both of these ranges use the innovative Continuum bass/mid-range cone technology that has been developed over an eight year period and first featured in the flagship 800 Series Diamond models. This drive unit material is very thin, very light and very stiff which means it can deliver a pure and precise soundscape that will allow you to enjoy all the layers of your favourite music.

The B&W 600 Series uses the latest generation refined and upgraded version of the Decoupled Double Dome tweeter to reveal pristine detail.


We now have in store for demonstration the 603 floorstanders and the 606 and 607 smaller standmount models.


The 600 series offers a lot of loudspeaker for not a lot of money. They are also very easy to drive as well so will suit a wide variety of amplifiers.


The jump up from the B&W 600 series takes you to (surprise surprise) the B&W 700 Series and good though the 600 Series speakers are this is where things get really special. A wealth of state of the art technologies all add up to make the 700 Series truly magical. The 700 Series flagship floorstander the 702s2 and the 705s2 which is the top performing standmount in the range both boast the use of a solid body Carbon Dome tweeter housing, sitting in a pod on top of the cabinet. This is milled from a solid block of aluminium and provides an acoustically optimised housing for the tweeter that is exceptionally inert and resistant to resonances, which translates into clearer and cleaner sound overall and improved sound quality.


All of the B&W 700 Series use purpose built Carbon Dome tweeters to raise the breakup threshold to 47kHz which is well outside the range of dog hearing let alone humans. This enables the speaker to deliver pinpoint imaging and amazing accuracy of detail.


There are soooooooo many technological innovations across these two ranges that it would take too long to write about them all here and it would get way too boring, but many improvements is technology that has trickled down from the flagship B&W 800 series, which are hailed as one of the best sounding loudspeakers in the world! Suffice to say both the 600 and 700 Series are a triumph of design and technology and a real delight to listen to. We have been getting wonderful results matching them up with Rega CD players and amplifiers which are a beautiful match for them giving a huge soundstage with great imaging and super fast timing with great deep and tight bass too.


Here’s the best bit…. right now and for a limited time only, B&W are inviting you to take part in their exclusive “Trade Up To Bowers And Wilkins 700 Series” sales promotion.

All you have to do is bring in any old pair of speakers in any condition, working or not and you will get £600 OFF 702 s2, £450 OFF 703s2, £350 OFF 704s2, £300 OFF 705s2, £200 OFF 706s2, and £150 OFF 707s2. Of course if your speakers are worth more than the value quoted above then we will give you more for them. Just contact us first for a quote. This offer ends on November 30th so be quick!

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Spendor A2. Good Things Really Do Come In Small Packages.

If your listening room is limiting your speaker choices and a floorstanding speaker seems to be out of the question, then Spendor may just have the ideal speaker for you. 

The A2, is a perfectly formed yet supremely compact floorstanding speaker that takes up less space than many bookshelf speakers!

Spendor Pictures 1.jpg

Priced at £1675 a pair, the A2 offers a real alternative to the plethora of quality stand mounted speakers available at this price point. With lovely clean, straight lines, a super compact footprint and a range of real wood veneer finishes, that include a traditional Black Ash, a Dark Walnut or a Natural Oak, the A2 not only looks good, it also sounds superb; but more on that in a moment. Standing a little over 2.5 feet tall the Spendor A2 is just 15cm wide and only 25cm deep, diminutive to say the least and as they are so compact this speaker is incredibly easy to integrate into your listening room.

By coincidence, our demonstration pair arrived a matter of days before we received our new Naim Supernait 3, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to run these two in together. Consequently we have been enjoying this peppy combination for the past two weeks, coupled with the Naim ND5 XS streamer as our primary source.

Spendor Pics 1.jpg

While the A2’s clearly are compact, it is clear from the first few notes of any song you select, the sound they produce is anything but small. As we have established with both the Spendor A4's and A7's, the drive-units integrate seamlessly and the A2's paint a big-audio-picture. While the soundstage produced is of the wide-screen variety, the A2’s compact dimensions mean that the low frequency drive unit isn’t very large;. in fact, it is the same drive unit that is specified for the A1 bookshelf speaker, measuring 150mm or 5.9 inch's. It stands to reason then that a driver of this size won't push that much air, particularly given the A2's cabinet size, but the beauty of such a small speaker is it requires less space around it to perform well, and most importantly, less space behind it. Using the rear wall to reinforce the bass output ensures that the A2 doesn't leave you feeling short-changed in any way, shape or form. When critically listening I played a range of Burial tracks, Sbtrkt's Pharaohs and even James Blake's, Limit to your Love, all of which were deliberately selected to get a sense of the depth of bass these little speakers can produce. And honestly, the results were outstanding. While it’s fair to say that the low frequencies aren't necessarily earth-shattering, what the A2's do deliver is a taut, tuneful and nuanced bassline with a sense of realism, nothing is overblown here but distinguishing between a bass guitar or electronic bassline is an easy task; no muddling, nothing is indistinct. Still, if you like your bass to go just a little deeper, a suitable subwoofer will fill in the missing elements below the 36hz the speakers are capable of delivering;  and of course, if your room is a little larger the Spendor A4 and A7 are ready, willing and able for a small increase in price!

Obviously the system we have been running them with is far from an entry level pairing, but we have often found the other Spendor's in the range exhibit an unfussy nature, tending to work well with any brand of electronics we choose. So we thought we might match them with Rotel’s new amplifier, the A11. Priced at £450, it delivers 50 watts of class A/B power, into an 8 ohms load, which is more than sufficient current to control the reasonably sensitive A2's and to cut a long story short, they pair beautifully, with the baby Spendor's delivering a lovely, rounded and mature sound despite the mismatch in the respective prices point of these two products.


We think the Spendor A2's are a superb speaker, definitely worthy of an audition. If you happen to be passing by, there a strong chance they will be playing in the background or alternatively, please contact the Swindon team and we will be happy to arrange a proper demonstration for you. Call Andy or Andrew at Audio T Swindon on 01793 538222, or just pop in and we would be very pleased to set them up for you.

Spendor loudspeakers are available from the following branches of Audio T :- Cardiff, Cheltenham, Portsmouth, Swindon

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Diamond News! B&W 800 Series Arrives At Audio T Southampton!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been appointed stockists of B&W’s legendary 800 series speakers! It is a great honour to be one of the elite retailers entrusted with this flagship range, which are quite rightly lauded as amongst the finest speakers in the world.

800 D3 is the latest incarnation of these no compromise speakers, taking everything B&W learned from previous generations, and further refining to achieve even higher levels of transparency and musical performance. Nothing is left to chance. B&W’s fifty years of design development and engineering has resulted in a truly outstanding range of speakers, each capable of bringing music to life like no other.

In store, we already have the Prestige version of 805 D3, finished in simply stunning Santos Rosewood.


We also have the magnificent 804 D3 available for demo immediately.


They will soon be joined by 803 D3 and 802 D3. We can’t wait, having been bowled over by the remarkable effortless musicality of their smaller siblings in our dem room!

Watch this space for further updates. In the meantime, do call us to book a demo. You won’t be disappointed!

Alan, John and Wayne

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More New Loudspeakers from Cirencester's Finest! Acoustic Energy AE509

This blog is really a follow on and update from the last we posted from in the Cheltenham branch. That last blog was based upon the new Acoustic Energy AE 500 stand mount loudspeakers and now we have the even newer AE509 floorstanding speakers.


Again using the new carbon fibre drive units designed to improve upon transient speed and clarity and to reduce distortion. They also have the same type of cabinet construction using Acoustic Energy’s new 18mm Resonance Suppression Composite (RSC) which is evolved from the famous Reference Series and is designed to reduce cabinet acoustic radiation which otherwise can cause cabinet colourations. Essentially it is a very clever method of building one cabinet around another one with a layer of damping in between. This makes the cabinet more inert so when you are listening to them the cabinets just disappear and you are left with the stereo image of the performance just hanging in the air in front of you.


Of course the main area of improvement over the already rather nifty sound produced by the little AE500 is in the bottom end. The bass on the AE500 goes down to a pretty decent (for the size of the box) 45hz whereas the AE509 digs out a much more respectable 32hz. After trying out a wide variety of music types I thought I would really put them through their paces by playing the fairly new album by a band called Lump. Lump is a wonderful collaboration between Laura Marling (vocals, flute and words) and mike Lindsay (Guitars, bass, rhythms, juno, pocket piano, lamba, drones, and textures) from a band called Tunng.


This album has truly seismic levels of bass at times and playing the track Late To The Flight produced beautifully articulated deep bass that was also clean and tight. The word that crossed my mind was “grunt”! Something that not many speakers at this price are remotely capable of. The really clever thing is that this bass does not colour or confuse the mid-range at all which remains clean and open at all times with some great stereo imaging to boot.

S Hackett.jpg

Next on my playlist was The Total Experience Live In Liverpool by Steve Hackett from which I played the track The Musical Box. This is an old Genesis song that gets somewhat of a re-working. Another piece of music that at times has spectacular levels of bass that the AE509’s just sail through.

Another thing I really like about these speakers is the gorgeous metal bases with proper chunky spikes. Most speakers these days treat the spikes as just a cheap add on and they don’t give you a great method of making sure your speaker does not wobble around whereas the Acoustic Energy base and spikes looks amazing, really works, and makes set up easy as well.


If you are interested in getting a listen to these amazing new speakers give us a call in the Cheltenham store and speak to Jon, Farid or Andy. Tea and/or coffee will be laid on …. there may even be some biscuits left!

Acoustic Energy Hi-Fi products are available at the following branches of Audio T: Brentwood. Bristol. Cheltenham. Online. Portsmouth. Preston. Reading. Swindon.

Neat Acoustics Add Something Ekstra To Their Range Of Loudspeakers.

The Neat Ekstra is an elegant 2.5 way floor standing loudspeaker incorporating an integral subwoofer and is supported on three feet.

It is available in American walnut, black oak and satin white with an option for either silver or black feet, also included are magnetic cloth grilles for the upper box section.

Neat Ekstra in Satin White

Neat Ekstra in Satin White

The design of the Neat Ekstra, uses a configuration first employed in the Ultimatum XL6 and is made up of two sealed boxes. 

The upper box houses the ribbon tweeter and bass mid driver which is attached to a sub-baffle which in turn is mounted, via a decoupling polyethylene membrane for the reduction of unwanted vibrations, to the main cabinet making this section work as a two way infinite baffle.

Neat Ekstra Upper Box inc Ribbon tweeter and Bass Mid driver

Neat Ekstra Upper Box inc Ribbon tweeter and Bass Mid driver

The lower box is ported half way down its length and terminates internally with the first of the two bass drivers facing to the floor, the second driver is immediately below in its own section. These two drivers work as a sealed iso-baric arrangement acting as an internal subwoofer system. The low-q port in the mid section is also specially tuned to enable close to the wall placement of the loudspeaker in most rooms.

Rear view showing Low-Q port and single wire speaker terminal

Rear view showing Low-Q port and single wire speaker terminal

We hooked the Neat Ekstra’s up to a Naim NDX2 network player and a Naim Supernait2 amplifier for testing purposes after a week of running in.

These are a very undemanding loudspeaker, an easy listen, whatever we played through them they rewarded us with a detailed musical presentation, never edgy, but with a sweet insightful top end and rhythmic tuneful bass, a very well balanced speaker in our view.

One of the Ekstras’s downward facing bass drivers

One of the Ekstras’s downward facing bass drivers

The Neat Ekstra offers a lot of loudspeaker for the money, the elegant lines and attention to detail in tuning make them ideal for most locations.

Ready for action, just turn up the volume

Ready for action, just turn up the volume

This may be the speaker you’ve been waiting to hear, so come along and talk to Julian, Paul and John at Audio T Brighton and we'‘ll set them up for you.

Neat Acoustic Loudspeakers are available from the following branches of Audio T: Brighton, Cheltenham, Portsmouth, Preston, Reading

New Dynaudio Evoke Loudspeakers at Audio T Oxford

Dynaudio have now launched the Evoke series: This brand new, five speaker range, takes advantage of technology from their ultra-high-end Confidence models.

The sound has been optimized at Dynaudio’s, state of the art Jupiter lab. You really need to listen to them, to hear how good they sound!

Dynaudio Evoke 20. Blonde Wood

Dynaudio Evoke 20. Blonde Wood

The Cerotar tweeter is a totally new design, heavily based upon that of the money-no-object Confidence series. The Esotec+ woofers, feature improved magnets and surrounds, that improve both frequency response and low range dynamics.

Dynaudio Jupiter array

Dynaudio Jupiter array

Every single part of the speaker design has been addressed: Solid build, finish and quality, all go part and parcel, with these exceptional loudspeakers.

These new model Dynaudio Evoke speakers, in comparison to their (already fine) predecessors, have a deeper and tighter bass, with a more communicative and open treble.

Dynaudio Evoke 30. Walnut Wood

Dynaudio Evoke 30. Walnut Wood

We have the Evoke 20 standmount and Evoke 30 floorstander available for demonstration. If you would like to hear these great sounding loudspeakers, then please call in or contact us at Audio T Oxford.

New Dynaudio Evoke Range Is Available At Audio T Brighton

The innovative and very attractive new Evoke loudspeaker range from Dynaudio sound great and are making friends here at Audio T Brighton. Their modest and stylish proportions offer a big room filling sound and these desirable and very capable speakers could grace any home.

There are two stand mount models, the compact Evoke 10 for smaller spaces and larger Evoke 20 for any room, which are complemented by the compact floor standing Evoke 30 and larger floor standing Evoke 50 which are both suited to medium to large rooms, along with a centre channel speaker, the Evoke 25C for home cinema systems.

Dynaudio have developed new drive units for this range and the result is refinement, substance and life in the music.

Dynaudio Evoke 10

Dynaudio Evoke 10

We currently have the Evoke 10 in walnut and the Evoke 30 in blonde wood on demonstration, the Evoke 20 and Evoke 50 are now here as well.

Available in high gloss black or white, and walnut or blonde wood.

Do come and have a listen at Audio T Brighton with Julian, Paul and John.

Ring 01273 609431 or email

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*Please call ahead to check availability.