Stop it You're Kiln Me! The New Rega Planar 10 Turntable With Ceramic Platter And Brace.

Sorry, we just couldn’t help that pun, but it was well intended. More to the point though, we have now received our spectacular new Rega Planar 10 record player.

We are also pleased to announce an official launch of the Rega Planar 10 on the 19th October 2019 at our Manchester store on Bridge Street. Click on the poster below to reserve your place or come along on the day!

And if that wasn’t exciting enough for all you vinyl heads, Diverse Vinyl will be bringing their pop up vinyl store to Manchester on the 19th too. So you can peruse the record store after you have demonstrated the some of the best turntables on the market.

And now we are thrilled to introduce the new Rega Planar 10.

Here’s a series of unboxing photos for those of you that are curious and can’t wait for our official launch event!

What’s in the box???

What’s in the box???

Take a quick shot for Instagram.

Take a quick shot for Instagram.


DB Technology (Double Brace Technology)
“Mass absorbs energy - lost energy equals lost music.” A super lightweight plinth combined with a ceramic top brace and phenolic resin bottom brace mounted specifically where the increased rigidity is required (between the tonearm mounting and the main hub bearing) forms a structurally sound, “stressed beam,” assembly.


Ceramic Platter
The P10 uses a custom ceramic, flywheel effect platter. The platter is produced from ceramic oxide powder which is compressed, fired and diamond cut to ensure perfect accuracy and flatness across the surface. The latest platter features a modified construction with improved coupling to the sub platter.

Aaaahnd relax….

Aaaahnd relax….


Ultra-lightweight plinth
The Planar 10 is the third Rega turntable constructed using our latest technology the ultra-lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core (a material developed for the aerospace industry). This material is sandwiched between two layers of HPL (high pressure laminate). HPL is exceptionally thin and extremely rigid. This new construction makes the new Planar 10 skeletal plinth 30% lighter than the original RP10 while offering increased rigidity over the previous model.

The Planar 10 features the new RB3000 tonearm fitted with an improved, low mass, precision bias housing.

The Planar 10 features the new RB3000 tonearm fitted with an improved, low mass, precision bias housing.

The beautifully machined bias adjuster.

The beautifully machined bias adjuster.

The Rega Apheta 3

The Rega Apheta 3

Make a note of Saturday 19th October in your diary. Records,refreshments and turntables are the order of the day.

Make a note of Saturday 19th October in your diary. Records,refreshments and turntables are the order of the day.

We look forward to seeing at the store. The Rega Planar 10 will be on display and playing and we hope to have the new Rega Aethos amplifier available for you to listen to as well!

Come along and ask Dave, Munir, Mike, James and Haden at Audio T Manchester and we will more than happy to spin you some vinyl.

Rega Hi-Fi products are available from all branches of Audio T.

Exclusive Rega Planar 10 And Aethos Amplifier Product Launch & Vinyl Event At Audio T Cardiff

If you love your music played on vinyl, then this is an event not to be missed! We are proud to be hosts for the exclusive launch of the NEW Rega Planar 10 turntable and Aethos amplifier.

The Date : Thursday October 10th
here at Audio T Cardiff.

IMG_0001 (2).JPG

Also joining us will be Kellys Records with a pop-up shop. They are Wales’ largest vinyl store, so they will have a great selection of LP’s for you to browse and buy.


To reserve your place click here or come along on the day. Either way, we hope you can join us for what promises to be a fantastic day of music and Hi-Fi from 10:30 am until 5:30 pm.

We look forward to seeing you!

Hefin, Nick and Kerrin - Audio T Cardiff

Rega Hi-Fi products are available from all branches of Audio T.

Silence Is Golden! Experience ISOL-8 Mains Conditioning & Hear The Difference

Join Andy Day and Mark from ISOL-8 on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th September and experience a comprehensive demonstration of ISOL-8's range of mains cable and conditioning products and hear for yourself how they can improve the sound quality of your existing Hi-Fi or home cinema system.

IS0L-8 image.jpg

ISOL-8 offer a comprehensive range of products starting with the standard Powerline, a 4 or 6 outlet, compact strip with an anodised, 6mm thick machined aluminum top plate that includes dedicated sockets for both low and high power connections to serve your individual systems power requirement. With a range of additional benefits available with the Powerline Ultra and Axis models such as transmodal filtering and DC blocking; ISOL-8 even offer a dedicated strip, the 1080, designed to enhance your Home Cinema's performance. Move up to the MiniSub & SubStation series of full-width components, and experience the benefits that individual filters can have by not only attending to mains-borne noise from connected appliances, harmonic distortion and RFI, but also from noise generated with your own system.

ISOL-8 offer two types of Power Cables, the Wave and the Ultra, both designed to maximise your systems performance and if you attended our ISOL-8 event you could win one of 3 ISOL-8 Wave power cables worth £120.

**Enjoy a 15% Discount for any orders placed during this two day event**

Click here to reserve your place for Friday and here for Saturday or simply turn-up on the day and with a few details we will add you to the draw.

The ISOL-8 event starts at 12.00 noon on Friday 27th and at 10.00am on Saturday 28th September and both events will conclude at 5.30pm. We look forward to seeing you in store for a event that promises to yield some surprising and exciting results!

Isol-8 mains conditioning products are available from the following branches of Audio T: Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Online, Oxford, Swansea, Swindon

Rega Planar 10 Product Launch And An Exclusive UK Premiere Of The New Russell K Red 150SE

Attention music lovers! join us in store on Saturday 12th October for a feast of music and exclusive new Hi-Fi product launches, which promises to be an event not to be missed!

Rega and Russell K will be here to demonstrate their new products and we are very exited with what is in store! Diverse Vinyl will also bringing their pop up shop and showing off the latest and greatest releases on vinyl! Read on for more details….


Rega is one of our favourite British Hi-Fi brands and they are bringing in the following:

UK Launch of the Aethos Integrated Amplifier: This new amplifier sits between the Rega Elicit-R and Osiris amplifiers. This is a power house of an amplifier with a dual mono design and provides 125w per channel into 8 ohms. So it can drive your speakers with ease and the new pre-amplifier stage uses an excellent Class A design.

UK launch of the new Rega RP10 Turntable. Rega always build all of their record players at their factory in Southend-on-Sea, in Essex England with care and attention and if the previous turntables are anything to go by, it will be pretty special. Click here to read more about it in our news item.


Russell K (Chief designer and owner of Russell K Speakers) will be in the shop as well with new models.

UK Premiere of the new Russell K Red 150SE

Russell will be here to explain and demonstrate his new upgrades:

  • New tweeter with metal faceplate

  • Modification to Red 150 tweeter crossover

  • New sub bass coil

  • New plinth and spikes

All of which enhance the sound quality!

Reserve you place here, or come along on Saturday 12th Oct at 10:30 until 6pm to enjoy a great day of music and Hi-Fi!

John, Mahmood, Jason - Audio T Enfield.

Rega Hi-Fi products are available at all branches of Audio T.

Russell K loudspeakers are available at the following branches of Audio T: Enfield, Portsmouth, Reading

We're In A Spin! The New Rega Planar 10 & Apheta 3 Cartridge Will Be At Our Launch Event!

It is with delight and eager anticipation that we can now reveal the other new product to be unveiled at our Rega Product Launch on Saturday 5th December at Audio T Brighton!

It is the new Rega Planar 10 and optional Rega Apheta 3 cartridge!

The Planar 10 promises to deliver the highest level of performance from a Rega production model to date.


The Planar 10 features the new RB3000 tonearm, ceramic top brace, completely re-engineered central hub bearing and the latest PL10 PSU housed in a custom case to match the latest range of electronics.


All this technology is built around the latest ultra-lightweight TANCAST 8 foam core with HPL skin skeletal plinth.


From launch, you have the option to have the all new Apheta 3 cartridge factory fitted (more details to follow).


How about this for attention to detail!

EBLT Drive Belts
For three years Rega has been researching and developing with chemists the use of a bespoke new rubber compound for drive belts. Using a specialised curing system, the new drive belt offers superior consistency of modulus (a constant representing the degree to which a substance has a particular property, especially elasticity). These new belts are manufactured on Rega designed, state of the art, super-accurate tools (inspired by working with the manufacturer of high-tech Formula 1 engine parts) which produce 'perfectly round' and 'dimensionally accurate' belts, critical for perfect speed stability

Rob from Rega will lead this launch event, and you will have the opportunity to treat yourself to an album or three from the high quality vinyl selection provided by Paul of Diverse Vinyl.



Rega Hi-Fi products are available from all branches of Audio T.

Rega Aethos Amplifier And Another Major Product Launch With Diverse Vinyl Saturday 5th October

We will be unveiling the eagerly awaited Aethos, amplifier a brand new serious integrated amplifier based upon the Osiris and another major new product to be announced in early September.

Rob from Rega will lead this launch event, and you will have the opportunity to treat yourself to an album or three from the high quality vinyl selection provided by Paul of Diverse Vinyl.


Product details are sparse at this point, but these two new items are likely to ruffle some feathers and cause a stir! The Aethos prototype was first shown at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show earlier this year.

The Aethos amplifier!

The Aethos amplifier!

The rather tidy looking new Aethos amplifier packs a meaty 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms, remote control and a headphone socket to complement line level inputs. Rega decided not to include a turntable phono stage as with an amplifier at this level there are cartridge choices to be made between moving magnet and the potentially better moving coil types.

We anticipate having both the Aethos amplifier and the other new exciting new product on demonstration by the time of our event.

Do come and have a listen when it suits you at Audio T Brighton with Julian, Paul and John.

Rega Hi-Fi products are available from all branches of Audio T.

Audio T Southampton Film Night 30th May Featuring The Matrix in 4K UHD

We are delighted to announce that, following detailed discussions (and restraining John), we have decided the movie to be screened at our forthcoming Film Night will be The Matrix.


Newly remastered in 4K with Dolby Atmos soundtrack we are sure this classic movie will be ideal to showcase the performance of the top notch home cinema system we are putting together with some of our key suppliers.

Pioneer’s flagship UDP-LX800 will spin the discs.

Arcam will provide their AV860 processor and multiple power amplifiers.

KEF are supplying an £11000 R series speaker package.

REL will rock the foundations with a dual subwoofer system.

A top quality 4K projector will supply the images.

The entire system will be wired throughout with Chord Company cables.

This £60,000 AV system is designed to thrill, so do give yourself a treat and come along to The Stables at The White Horse Hotel, Romsey at 7pm on Thursday 30th May. We know you won’t be disappointed!

Free car parking is available in Lortemore Place just off Latimer Street, SO51 8DF, directly behind the hotel.

Here’s a link for free tickets. They aren’t essential but useful for us to gauge numbers.

A FREE to enter prize draw for attendees provides further temptation with the chance to win a £399 Arcam rPhono MC/MM phono stage, £200 Chord Shawline Power cable or a £180 KEF Muo Bluetooth speaker!

Representatives from most participating manufacturers will be on hand, along with ourselves, to answer questions and offer advice at Movie Night.

We look forward to seeing you all at The White Horse Hotel, Romsey on 30th May.

Alan, John and Wayne - Audio T Southampton (Chandlers Ford).

Record Store Day 2019 fun

For this year’s Record Store Day we’re going to have a fun day in store, when we’ll set up a couple of fab vinyl based systems and play a selection of classic albums all day.

This sort of thing…..


The fantastic Audio T offer of one of our excellent record bags free with any turntable purchased will be in full effect.

We will of course have the limited edition Rega Record Store Day turntable available on a first come first served basis.


Of course we’ll be happy to offer advice on upgrading or servicing your turntable as well as having a selection of vinyl based accessories from stylus brushes to phono stages to help you get the most out of your deck. Or try out one of our record cleaners and see how that can improve the sound quality of your music.

Oh and we have actual records for sale too!!!!

Come in and join in the listening

See you then!

Grab Yourself A Hi-Fi Bargain & Save Up To 50% OFF In Preston's Spring Clearance Sale

We are having a bit of a spring clean here at Audio T Preston and we are moving on some top quality Hi-Fi at bargain prices.


We have a veritable Aladdin’s cave of open box and ex-demo products including headphones, amplifiers, speakers, streamers , subwoofers and lot’s lot’s more besides.

We have Rotel, Yamaha, Dynaudio, Martin Logan, Ruark, Piega, Monitor Audio, Bowers and Wilkins, Quad and the list goes on…

If you are a member of the Audio T e-Club then you get an extra 5% discount. If you haven’t joined you can click here to sign up.

Don't forget that these are limited offers and when they are gone, they are gone, so don't miss out!


Click HERE or on the Clearance List poster above to see the full list of clearance sale products. If there is anything that you like the look of then give us a call on 01772 883958 or email us at Audio T Preston and we can discuss it further.

Listed below are just some of the bargains to be had, enjoy.

dynaudio contour 60.JPG

Record Store Day 2019 at Derricks Music In Swansea Featuring The New Rega Limited Edition Turntable

Record Store Day 2019 on Saturday 13th April is set to be another cracker in Swansea! We will once again be teaming up with Derricks Music on Oxford Street Swansea to play vinyl on some great sounding Rega (official sponsors of RSD) Hi-Fi.

With the success of our previous years prize draw we will again be giving away the limited edition Rega RSD turntable. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning the turntable is call in to Derricks on RSD and fill in the entry form, and we will pull the winner out of the hat at 5pm as usual.

Last year in particular was the best phone call we made to let the winner know the good news. The phone was answered and the news delivered, but the winner was in the pub and already a couple of sherberts in. It took about five attempts to tell him that it was not a prank, it was hysterical!

We managed to present the prize the following week…

prize winner b.jpg

As usual we will be playing vinyl all day, this year we will be playing the very turntable that you can win!

There will be a few more goodies and offers that we will have with us on the day, so keep an eye on our Facebook page as we get closer to the day.

If you’ve not yet seen the list of RSD releases for 2019 you can find them here

We look forward to seeing you there….