Rega Apollo CD Player and Brio Amplifier Two Compact Hi-Fi Wonders

We've been playing with the latest versions of the Rega Apollo CD player and Brio Amplifier and are loving the music they make.


The new Rega Brio is an improved version of an old shop favourite. Not only has the casework been redesigned but the circuitry has been given a good going over and now includes a high quality headphone amp for all you can fans out there. Of course, being Rega, there is still the great moving magnet phono stage for your precious turntable!


The Rega Apollo CD player is another tried and trusted favourite of the shop. It has also been re-housed in the new sleek casework. With its manual lid and push on CD mechanism it gives a little bit of the turntable experience to CD users.


I could talk for ages about technical specs and improvement, but the thing about these little bricks is they just make great music sound great. Most of all they're fun to listen to. Partner them up with some good interconnects and speakers of your choice - we've been having fun using the new B&W 707, or the Dali Zensor 3, or of course Rega's own RX1 and they sing. Kraftwerk's wonderful "3D the Catalogue" is rich and full of texture whilst on the album "Haunted" by Poe her vocals come across with wonderful warmth and clarity. They'll handle any music that you throw at them with ease and aplomb. Another hit for British made Hi-Fi!


So to sum up, with their sleek new styling and improved features the Rega Brio and Apollo continue to make music with a great sense of fun.

Come and have a look and listen we know you'll enjoy what you hear.

Paul, Francis, Jason and of course Boswell at Audio T Brentwood.

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Good Things Come In Small Packages – Naim Uniti Atom All In One Music Player

With the introduction of the new Uniti series (Atom, Star and Nova) all in one music players and streamers, Naim have created a lifestyle product and a premium Hi-Fi in a single box.

Naim has gone to exceptional lengths to truly enhance the sound quality from such a tight, solid and compact all-in-one music system.

Naim Uniti Atom Front Panel

Naim Uniti Atom Front Panel

The Naim Uniti Atom boasts precise handmade engineered analogue and digital circuitry - built by and developed by music lovers - and contains a substantial transformer, which ensures that the power supply is continuous, significant and stable and means that it can drive a wide variety of loudspeakers with relative ease.

The full colour LCD display with proximity sensor, that wakes up on approach, is just one of the winning finishing touches Naim have come up with. The compact styling similar to that of the Mu-So range is sleek with a luxurious finish, making it perfect for different living areas or as a high-a stand alone main system which makes it very versatile. Adding to that you have the ability to upgrade by adding a Naim power amp.


This is not just an amplifier with a streamer bolted on, the Atom brings everlasting choice to your music, combining the popular wireless options with reliable premium Hi-Fi. You will only need to look at the list of supported sources and options for connectivity to truly understand its versatility and the new and improved Naim app for both iOS and Android simply brings this all together:

  • Google Cast for Audio

  • AirPlay


  • Spotify® Connect

  • Bluetooth (aptX HD)

  • Internet Radio™

  • UPnP™ (Universal Plug ‘n’ Play)

  • Digital Input (S/PDIF)

  • Analogue Output

  • Headphones

  • Storage

  • HDMI ARC (optional)

  • Multiroom

  • File Formats

  • Wireless Updates

Uniti System
The Uniti range is the talk of the town and we couldn't have been more eager to get our hands on the Atom. So as audiophiles do, we have tried, and tried again, with a variety of speaker options to find what works best.


And with our listening test concluded, we challenge anyone to find a better sounding system with the same functionality for under £2500.

This system comprises of:

Naim Uniti AtomDynaudio Emit M10REL T-Zero

With the above set up, you get an extremely interesting, well balanced, stylish, dynamic and vibrant system that has a wide frequency range, perfect for a small to medium size room. Playing '2Pac – Do For Love' reveals a tuneful, tight bass that underpins the track and makes it really motor along. The snap of the snare, the punch of the kick and the rhythmical percussion are brought to life through this system.  We can not fault it for the money.

Why not come and have a listen and play a few of your favourite tunes and put the Atom through its paces... or come along to our Naim Unit Event on 10th October. You can reserve your place here.

Naim Unit Atom Rear Panel

Naim Unit Atom Rear Panel

The Technical Specifications


  • 95mm X 245mm X 265mm (H X W X D)

  • 7KG

    Audio Inputs:

  • 2 X Optical TOSLink (up to 24bit/96kHz)

  • 1 X Coaxial RCA (up to 24bit/192kHz, DoP 64Fs)

  • 1 X HDMI ARC (Optional)

  • 1 X RCA

  • 2 X USB Type A socket (front and rear)

Audio Outputs:

  • 1 X Stereo power amplifier

  • 1 X RCA sub/pre output

  • 1 X 3.5mm headphone jack

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Cyrus Audio British Hi-Fi Products From Vinyl Replay To Digital Streaming

I recently visited Cyrus Audio's headquarters in Huntingdon near Cambridge and it was quite an experience. The company is run by a very dedicated team and have been producing high quality Hi-Fi components for over 30 years.

Cyrus one1.jpg

Their range now emcompasses everything from integrated amplifiers like the One pictured above, through pre-power combinations, DAC's, CD players and transports, and streaming solutions, plus the fantastic PSX-R2 power supply, which can be added to many of the units to further improve sound quality.

During the visit I watched the technicians build a Cyrus One and a Cyrus Signature Phono Stage (below) with meticulous care. This was followed by extensive quality control testing with a dedicated suite of computer programs.


Everything about their operation showed the great amount of care taken by the people there and the pride they have in the Hi-Fi products they produce. Cyrus also offer extensive upgrade paths for existing owners, always offering attractive pricing to help you get to the latest level of equipment.

Having recently bought a Cyrus Phono Signature for myself I have to admit to being a fan!


So all in all a Cyrus is a great British brand with a lot of solutions for the music lover. Their Signature (sic) half width casework makes them easy to accommodate and they make some very very beguiling music.

cyrus one2.jpg

Whether you are an existing owner looking to upgrade, or are completely new to Cyrus Audio brand, why not pop in and have a look, chat and a listen?

The New Naim Uniti Atom Is Here And The Mighty Atom Packs A Punch

The first of the new Naim Uniti All-In-One Wireless Music Player range is in store and on demonstration, and very fine it is too.

We have had to be patient for this complete rework of the Uniti range, with a new streaming platform and much improved performance and functionality, and it has been worth the wait. The Uniti Atom is a seriously solid 7 kg lump that punches way above its weight. Very impressive in so many ways. Beautiful and clever and very technologically advanced. 

With control via the improved Naim iOS or Android app. or the 2 way remote using it is a joy. This modern high quality compact hi-fi system does so much more then ever before.

All you need to do is add speakers. With the quality of sound from Uniti Atom the choice of speakers opens up to a surprisingly wide degree. Come and have a listen and experience Naim Uniti Atom for yourself.

Julian, Paul and John at Audio T Brighton 01273 609431

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Musical Fidelity And Dali Making Beautiful Music Together

We have two Hi-Fi brands which are new to the shop this month Musical Fidelity electronics and Dali loudspeakers. As we have found, they are capable of making beautiful music together.

An array of Dali speakers and Musical Fidelity electronics.

An array of Dali speakers and Musical Fidelity electronics.

Musical Fidelity is a well established British Hi-Fi company who have been exciting and innovating for many years.

Shown here are the M3si integrated amp, the M3s CD player and the M6si integrated. The M6s CD player will follow soon. All of these components follow the Musical Fidelity ethos of making accurate, but exciting music.

We're also having a lot of fun exploring the M6 Encore 225

Encore 225

Encore 225

This amazing one box system is a music store, CD player, streamer, and amplifier all in one incredibly intuitive and easy to use package. It sounds wonderful too!

Dali are a Danish loudspeaker manufacturer who have been going for over 30 years producing everything from budget to high end speakers. We're still discovering what these can do but we have representatives from the Spektor, Zensor and Opticon ranges plus the beautiful little Menuets and the rather stylish Katch portable bluetooth speaker.

So far we've been throwing all sorts of music at the various pairings, the M3 components with the Opticons loved the new Anathema album "The Optimist" (check it out if you like intelligent melodic rock) 

Both brands seem to major on creating large believable soundstages; a recording of the Tallis Scholars singing Tallis anthems filled the room with the sense of a cathedral, while the perennial "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd was huge!

We'll report more as we get to know these components, but suffice to say we're excited and looking forward to the discovery. Why not come and have a listen yourself?

And finally all components in this blog have the Boswell seal of approval!

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QUAD Bolster Their Glowing Reputation With The VA-One Integrated Valve Amplifier

It's small, has glowing tubes, is packed full of features and can drive a floorstanding speaker with ease. The QUAD VA-One is a superb amplifier and it's really cute too!

This is no gimmicky amplifier, but a fully specced great sounding little amplifier from QUAD Electroacoustics.

It has one line input, 3 digital inputs (coax, optical and USB) and on-board aptX Bluetooth. The build quality is superb with good speaker binding posts and a very nice sounding headphone amplifier as well.

The valve complement is 4 x EL34, 2 x ECC82, and 1 X ECC83 delivering 15W into 6 ohms, or 12W into 8 ohms.

It has a beautiful liquid open sound which we found especially good with female vocals. The old HiFi favourite Sarah McLachlan filling the room effortlessly, but it can rock too. We gave it a try with the other latest QUAD creation: the Z3 speaker and it was a revelation. With only 15W it won't go to "party" levels but what it does deliver is expansive and open, giving a real insight into the music. The QUAD VA-ONE  is even small enough to be used as part of a desktop audio system, for which the USB input is an added bonus.

We have this little beauty on demonstration in the shop, so give us a call and we'll arrange a demonstration for you.

The QUAD VA-One Integrated Valve Amplifier At Audio T Oxford

The QUAD VA-One integrated valve amplifier is the latest Hi-Fi product to join the QUAD family.


The Quad VA-One is a small but perfectly formed Integrated amplifier, its footprint measures just 18x33cm. The VA-One includes a DAC, a headphone amplifier, a valve-based pre-amplifier and power amplifier for £1299.

Three digital audio inputs – optical, coaxial and asynchronous USB – support data up to 24-bit/192kHz, and an RCA-phono input gives the option to connect an analogue source like a CD player or a turntable (though it does not have a built in phono-stage).

The preamp section incorporates an ECC83 high-impedance triode. The output stage uses two EL84 pentodes per channel, delivering 2x15W.  Despite its relatively low output it can still pack a punch when paired with easy to drive speakers. It delivers a warm and open sound and would be the perfect amp for fans of female vocals, Jazz, Blues and Soft Rock.



In a recent Review Ken Kessler summed it up perfectly:

"It's everything a modern integrated amp/DAC should be, yet with the retro warmth of valves" Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News.

If you would like to come and have a listen call the Audio T Oxford shop on 01865 765961 and book a demo.

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A Weekend of Vinyl and Valves at Audio T Oxford

Henley Designs will be bringing a selection of gorgeous Unison Research valve, valve hybrid amplifiers, CD spinners, plus some of the more exotic Pro-ject turntables.

If you really like your music, you really should come along for a listen. If you have a favourite album that you would like to hear on the Day please bring it along with you.

Unison Research were founded in 1987 by a group of audiophile technicians, are a prestigious Italian manufacturer of valve-based premium high fidelity audio components. Specialising in the design and construction of amplifiers, CD players, headphone amps and phono stages that boast not only impeccable, effortlessly rich sound, but also an artistic visual design. 


Pro-Ject are widely recognized as one of the biggest and best turntable manufacturers in the world. Their mission is simply to produce the best sounding turntables and analogue components at the most competitive prices possible. We will have a number of turntables on display and demonstration over the weekend from their entry level decks through to their Signature Series.  

Refreshments and snacks will be served over two days and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. 

We will put the names of all attendees into a prize draw giving you the opportunity of winning a Project Spin Clean Record cleaning kit worth £75. The draw will be made at the end of the event day on Saturday. There will also be a number of discounts and special offers on the turntables and electronics on display.

We look forward to seeing you. Jon, Dom and Paddy.

Music, Emotion And Hi-Fi. It's All About System Synergy & Set Up

Blogs are usually about a piece of Hi-Fi equipment and how it stands up against its peers or the previous version of it. This time I wanted to do a blog about a system and the way it makes me feel.

In our newly refurbished demonstration room at our Bristol store, we had just set up a system for a reviewer for one of the UK Hi-Fi magazines. The review was for the REL 212 sub bass system and to see how well it integrated with a pair of Kudos Titans. Looking at what had been put together and the reasoning behind the system, you soon realise that the magic doesn't just come from one bit of Hi-Fi equipment, it comes from all of the components working well together.

The kit that was used:

Chord cables throughout
Bryston 4B SST
Bryston BP26 plus MPS2
Naim NDX
x 2 REL 212SE stereo pair run via longbow

This is not an inexpensive Hi-Fi system but thats not what this is about. If you're a music lover you invest in Hi-Fi because you love music and the feeling and enjoyment you get when it immerses you in the artist's performance when it plays. To get to that point of musical nirvana, it takes both time effort and a level of skill to set up to ensure the system is as musical as possible.

The finished result after many hours of fine tuning, was a highly musical system that put a great big smile on my face and gave me chills when listening to it. So good that it made you want to keep playing one more track..... and the worries of world just drifted away. Probably one of the best sounding Hi-Fi systems I have ever listened to and in my time I have listened to quite a few.

Audio T established in 1966 has 14 stores from Preston down to Brighton. All of our friendly and helpful staff are music or film enthusiasts, most of who have been working in the industry for many years. Their collective knowledge and experience of a wide variety of different Hi-Fi systems is considerable and they do know what works well together and how to set it up correctly to make sure you get the most joy from your music and film collections. We all have different ears and tastes for how we like our music to be presented, so we will always listen and proffer friendly advice, but ultimately your own ears will be the judge..

Kevin Starkie, General Manager - Audio T

We're United! Meet The New Naim Uniti Range At Portsmouth Audio T

The new Naim Uniti family consists of three all-in-one players from the compact yet powerful Uniti Atom to the multi-functional CD operating Uniti Star to the reference audiophile Uniti Nova.

Naim Uniti Family

Naim Uniti Family

The Uniti Core completes the system, this is the industry reference music server which allows you to store and stream thousands of albums and back up all of your music in one place. Each player can work independently or together, just add speakers and fall in love with your album collection all over again in any room of the house.

Uniti Atom

Uniti Atom

Come and experience the Uniti Core and Uniti Atom on the 25th of November from 2 pm until 7 pm, and 26th of November from 10 am until 5 pm at Audio T Portsmouth. We are also hoping to show pre-production examples of the Uniti Star and Uniti Nova.

A representative from Naim will be here over the weekend to offer insight, answer questions, but more importantly demonstrate their new range.

Uniti Nova

Uniti Nova

Come and be one of the first to see this exciting new range of products and one of the first to hear a revelation in sound.

We look forward to seeing you all in November. If in the meantime you have any queries regarding the weekend please do get in touch.

Nick Joe & James

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