Dolby Atmos & REL 3D arrive at Audio T Enfield!

We've never heard our demonstration room sound quite like this before... Dolby Atmos really does take home cinema to a new level. We have opted for x4 in-ceiling B&W CCM665's with the matching BB6C back boxes for maximum performance.
Pioneer's new top of the range Blu-ray player the BDP-LX88 feeds perfect picture & sound into Pioneer's power house AV Receiver the SC-LX88.
Dolby Atmos isn't the only thing that's caught our attention... REL's Shotgun 3D set up really is a must for any hardcore movie lover, the following paragraph has been taken from REL's website.
"For ultimate spatial coherence, a minimum of 3 RELs (1-main L/R, 1-center, 1-surrounds) may be used to fully realize all the performance embedded in movie soundtracks. REL Shotgun unleashes the basic performance possible in a soundtrack. Shotgun 3D™ extends that benefit to all the building blocks of a theater. By extending the low bass performance of the center channel the entire front half of the theater Is opened up. No longer does the center channel struggle to keep up with the mains. By doing so for the rear channels, the theater is completed and the 3 dimensional reality of film soundtracks takes place as one’s theater is transformed into a sort of 3 dimensional aural holograph."
We liked the sound of this, so have decided to order a custom centre stand from our friends at Hi-Fi racks to sit over a T-Zero, T-5, T-7 or S2. Not only does this look right, it aids with the timing between the centre channel & sub, which accounts for seamless integration with each other. 
We're not sure whats more exciting, Dolby Atmos or REL's Shotgun 3D. What we are sure about, is that we've not heard better! We urge you to come down & have a listen to what we believe is the ultimate home cinema solution.
See and hear what you're missing today!
Please call or email us to arrange a demo
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REL & PMC Day!

Listen with us on the 27th of November as we partner REL sub bass systems with PMC speakers for the ultimate in cinema & HiFi systems.

We will be getting up close & personal with PMC's Twenty 21's. Although the smallest speaker in the range, there's simply no question over their ability to convey transparent, controlled & detailed performances, which makes it even easier to forget about the speakers and listen to the music. We will also be seamlessly integrating REL's compact S2 subwoofer to offer even greater dept without masking or shadowing the 21's natural character and effortless detail.

PMC's Twenty 22's will be playing on our shop floor, showing that great sound can still be achieved in a real world, untreated & highly reflective environment, which is made to sound even better with the help of REL's T9 subwoofer.

PMC's Twenty 26's, Centre & 24's will be used in our main demo room whilst we use REL's S range subwoofers to lift & underpin the entire system. We have opted to use a REL S5 on each of the front left & right 26's, a S2 under the Centre, and a S3 on the rear 24's, to achieve a "REL 3D" setup! Dolby Atmos may also be shown in this system. We simply can't wait!

Listen & be amazed this 27th of November, the fun begins 3:00 until 8:00.


Myself, John, Jason, Tom & Kevin all look forward to welcoming you to the brilliance of PMC speakers & REL subwoofers.


Best Wishes


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Audiolab & Monitor Audio Day!

Join us on Thursday 20th of November as we demonstrate the performance & versatility of Audiolab electronics & Monitor Audio speakers.


If you're looking for a high quality DAC, Headphone amplifier or Pre amplifier we'll have the Audiolab Q-DAC & M-DAC both on demonstration providing sweet sounds through a variety of headphones.

 For a smart but sophisticated streaming system, we urge you to listen to Monitor Audio's Airstream A100 partnered with Monitor Audio's Mass 10's & Mass W200 subwoofer.

Serious Hi-Fi doesn't have to mean big electronics, consider the M-DAC with the M-PWR powerful enough to drive Monitor Audio's Bronze BX5 floorstanding speakers!

Keep things simple with Audiolab's 8200CD & 8200A for classic Hi-Fi sound quality with Monitor Audio Silver 8's.

Step up to a Pre/Power combination the 8200CDQ & 8200MB's for a huge leap in performance, partner this with Monitor Audio's GX300 floorstanding speakers for awesome scale and musicality.


The fun begins on Thursday 20th November from 3pm and goes on till 8pm.


Everyone who attends will get the chance to enter the prize draw to win a Audiolab & Monitor Audio product.


Myself, John & Jason look forward to showing you all of these wonderful systems on the day.


Best Wishes


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REL S3 Sub Bass System


We have recently taken delivery of our demonstrator REL S3, here are our thoughts on it's looks and performance.



REL are a British company with their roots in Bridgend, South Wales. Started in 1990 by retired Naval officer Richard Edmund Lord who was 'dissatisfied by the commercially available subwoofers of the day.'

More of the REL story can be found on their website


Unpacking our S3, we immediately thought it a particularly smart looking unit in its piano black finish with both satin and polished aluminium fittings. Almost as impressive is the weight of the thing, (nudging 28kilos) when you try and lift it out of its carton. Much better to heed REL's advice; carefully roll the box upside down and remove the carton from the contents.



We decided to install the S3 in our main stereo system using the supplied High Level Neutrik Speakon cable. This is a clever feature of all RELs – the unit samples the output of your amplifier via it's loudspeaker terminals, yet draws minimal current. The benefit of this is that the signal going to the speakers does not have to pass through a crossover in the subwoofer.* The speakers can go about their business and the REL can underpin their performance without masking anything the amplifier produces. It also means that in a home-theatre setting, one can run the front Left&Right speakers full-range, dispensing with a chunk of processor power and run the Low Frequency Effects channel to the REL at the same time. This results in a great increase in bass detail during surround playback. Happily for stereo listening, one can switch the home theatre amp to 'audio direct' mode, simplifying the audio path (which improves quality) whilst reaping the benefit of the REL that you've just shelled out your hard-earned on. You'll be using it all the time.

*REL refer to their products as Sub-bass systems.


Once installed in our system (Bryston DAC and pre-power, Focal Electra 1028, Naim CDX2, Rega RP8, Sonos Connect) calibration took a few minutes following the enclosed instructions. We found it beneficial to set the REL playing too loud and too high up the frequency range whilst we had a coffee – just killing time whilst it warmed up you understand!


Once calibrated, the S3 integrated seamlessly. So seamlessly, I thought it wasn't switched on, so I checked, checked again and then switched it off. Then we could tell what the S3 was doing. Playing Leftfield's “Original” demonstrated the tectonic bass one would expect from a REL, never overblown, simply very tight and very, very solid; the Leftfield/John Lydon collaboration “Open Up” pounded along very satisfactorily indeed, displaying great crispness and rapidity.


With ZZ Top's re-working of their track “Gotsta Get Paid” on the La Futura album, the S3 brings massive scale to the filthiest, most overdriven guitar you've ever heard. Cue big grins all round and grown men itching to play Air Fender. The S3 can most certainly do the power thing, but what can it do with a choir?


With the S3 playing, the soundstage was presented wide, tall and deep, with a wealth of fine ambient detail – the sound of the space of the Brangwen Hall here in Swansea, hosting Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir. With the S3 disengaged, the choir sounded pretty good, enjoyable enough stuff, but you might have to be Welsh to really 'get it'; with the REL in play however, the haunting “Myfanwy” took on a ghostly depth and resonance as the choir used the great space of the hall to bring an enormous emotional depth to the work.


I'm allright lads, it's just some grit in my eye.




Exciting news, REL have released the new "S" series of subwoofers to replace the "R" series and we have the S3 and S5 on demo now.

The S2 replaces the R218, the S3 replaces the R328 and the S5 replaces the R528. However, REL have increased the price to £999, £1299 and £1599 respectively, so are they worth the serious hike in price?

The new "S" series can be made wireless, like the Habitat model, with REL's fancy Longbow tech which has zero compresion and almost instant transfer of data. However, if you are like us you don't mind hiding the wire are you paying the extra money for that? In a word no.

The new models are definately sexier looking than the "R" range (if a subwoofer can be sexy!) The old "R" range were always our favourite subs, after a quick listen to the new S5 it sounds tighter and faster than the old R528, definately better with music. With home cinema it sounds a little restrained at the moment, but the sub still needs running in. We will report back when the unit has had 20 hours or so of running.

Arcam, REL & The Chord Company Enfield Store Event

  Join us on the 16th & 17th of November as we showcase Arcam's superb 450 & 750 AVRs! If that isn't enough, we will be demonstrating how these two highly respectable systems can be improved further by using Chord Co. Tuned ARAY cables for music & REL Subwoofers for music & movies.

  We will be kicking off with Arcam's AVR450, BDP300 & irDAC partnered with KEF speakers. The Chord Co. Chorus Reference will be replaced with the Signature Tuned ARAY...

  Then followed by REL's Awesome T-7 & the discrete on wall Habitat1.

  We will then move on to Arcam's Flagship AVR the AVR750, BDP300 & D33 partnered with B&W speakers.(where the all New CM10's will be making an appearance!)

  This time The Chord Co. Anthem Reference will be replaced by the Indigo Tuned ARAY...

  REL's R328 will also join the party, followed by the monster that is REL's G-2!

  So whether you're interested in Arcam's new AVRs, what Chord Tuned ARAY is all about, to find out what performance gains come from using REL subwoofers, to listen to the new B&W CM10's, or to nibble on some lovely cheeses & drink fine wine : p book a place and come on down.

  There will be a prize draw for one lucky winner who books and attends the event, for the chance to win the fantastic Arcam rBlink!


 Me,John & Jason look forward to seeing you

Please contact us either by phone or email to book a place

The bookable slots on both days are as follows:
11:00 - 12:00
12:30 - 1:30
2:00 - 3:00
3:30 - 4:30
5:00 - 6:00

Audio-T Enfield
Tel: 0208 367 3132


REL Habitat 1 and Neat Iotas Sub-Sat system

With so many people put off by the size of some high quality loudspeakers it, the benefits of high quality sub sat systems are often overlooked.

It is however entirely possible to have your cake and eat it! The Rel Habitat and Neat Iota combination is a perfect solution that really should be auditioned, should you want the best of both worlds.

The Habitat 1 is the nearest thing to a revolution in sub woofer design that I have come across in my 25 years in this industry. Habitat 1 is a brilliant new concept that takes sub bass to new levels. Descrete, wall mountable and with a small wireless transmitter so no unsightly cables need be seen. A sophisticated crossover optimises sound for both music and movies. Perfect, deep bass that emanates almost invisibly from somewhere hidden within the room.

Two 6.5" divers and a 10" passive driver provide the bass necessary for this sub woofer to reach down to 25Hz.

The price is just £1299.

Click here to watch the video and read more about the Habitat

Neat Iotas deliver amazing performance from a tiny cabinet. they are intended to be used very close to walls or on desktops or bookshelves etc.

The cabinet is well damped allowing the 100mm polypropelene and 50mm ribbon tweeeter to do their thing.

5 colours are available to match almost any decor.

The price is £695 per pair.

Click here to visit the Neat website

If you would like to hear this combination for yourselves we would be most happy to demonstrate them.