The Audioquest Nighthawk Headphones have arrived

We've just taken delivery of the new Audioquest Nighthawk headphones for demonstration.

They are crammed full of high technology and beautifully presented in sumptious packaging.

Even the leather case has a tooled logo

 and the headphones are securely nestled inside

They come with two leads, one of an exceptionally high quality as we would expect from Audioquest, and one which is more suited to repeated coiling and travel use.

With earcups made from "liquid wood" and biocellulose drivers there's more than a nod to the organic world, but this is coupled with the forefront of modern technology and materials, including a 3D printed component in the biomimetic grille!

So how do they sound?

Well the simple answer is vanishingly beautiful. They are very very natural, and don't seem to impose too much character of their own on the soundstage. Lovely controlled bass and very sweet treble combine to make a relaxing and revealing listening experience. 

Boswell just wishes they came in teddy-size

Available at the following Audio T Stores - BrentwoodBrightonBristolCheltenhamCheltenhamEnfieldOnlineManchesterPortsmouth and Swansea, Please check with your nearest store for availability before travelling.

Sennheiser gain Momentum 2.0

You may already be familiar with the original and very popular Momentum headphones from Sennheiser.

They were a great take on the broadcast industry standard HD25 but tuned for domestic use around the house or out and and about.

Now, the new Momentum 2.0 has stepped up the portable theme with the ability to fold them away and tuck into your manbag.

See!! they fold away, nice.

The new earpads are now memory foam and are covered in leather,

they are also larger then the previous cups making them much more comfortable to wear.

The headband is now a combination of memory foam and leather for comfort.

An in line remote,microphone is included for either Apple iOS or Android, depending on your preference, along with a nice carrying case.

And of course attention to detail is typically Sennheiser.

We like the new Momentum 2.0, they makes more sense now.

Most of our customers actually bought the original Momentums to use while on the move so go figure, add the fact that they are also more comfortable now and Sennheiser may have another hit on their hands.

Our set are nicely run in and are on demo at our Manchester store.

Pop over to the store and we'll plug you in.

Munir, Dave, Mike and Kev.

Sennheiser is also available from the following branches of Audio T. 


N.B. - Not all models are available in all branches, so please call the branch before travelling.

Quad Vena Integrated Amplifier and Audio Technica AD900x/700x/500x

Quad Vena

This great new product from Quad features a 45watt per channel amplifier and oodles of connectivity options. You get coaxial, optical, Bluetooth(aptX) and USB inputs which are dealt with by a high resolution 24 bit 192 khz dac. You also get the usual RCA analogue inputs plus a pre out (which you could use to feed your old quad power amp bringing it into the modern age). It sounds great and looks the part especially in the red vaneer, gloss black and gloss white finishes. These finishes retail at £699.95. It is also available in Lancaster grey for £100 less. It is a great buy whichever finish you choose.

Audio Technica ATH AD900x, 700x and 500x.

These are very reasonbly priced for the level of performance you get £315, £195, and £150 respectively.

These open backed audiophile headphone are delightful to listen to. They sit extremely comfortably on the head feeling like they are not there. Well worth auditioning if you are after a set of headphones at this price point.

New Audio-Technica Heaphones arrive!

We recently heard the new Audio-Technica range of headphones and could not wait to get them in. They have finally arrived!


The first thing that struck us about them was the comfort and fit. As with all headphones it simply doesn't matter how good they sound if they are uncomfortable and you want to take them off!.

All of the range feature what Audio-Technica call a "total ear fit" design to help with comfort. The capsules almost completely surround the ear so there are no pressure points at all. I have trouble with smaller capsules that put pressure on the arms of my spectacles but these models are perfect! They also very light considering the large construction.


The first in the range are the AD-500X @ £150

The performance on this model is stunning for the cost. Lots of customers who have tried them are very surprised to learn that they are only £150. The thing that everyone has picked up on straight away is the bass response. Because of the large construction and relatively large drive unit (in comparison to alot of other manufacturers) the resulting sound is a very spacious and open sound with a very controlled and deep bass response unlike some other headphones that just can't seem to cope with deep bass or dare I say it ... the Beats that just sound thunderous and horrible! Read more on this model

Next in the range are the AD-700X @ £195

As with the 500 series you can see the same construction so comfort and fit is the same. The improvement with these is the drive unit itself. An upgraded driver gives you exactly what you would expect. Vocal detail and spaciousness is the main improvement I hear but it's also true to say they sound a lot bigger. Read more on this model.

Top of the tree are the AD-900X @ £ 315

Again you can see the improved drive unit in the headphones. These boast a much wider frequency response and greater dynamic range and it's very noticable indeed! A huge improvement over the 700 as you would expect for the increase in cost, but most imprtantly far more impressive than the price tag suggests. They really do sound fabulous. Read more on this model.

They also make some closed back versions which we hope to have in very soon.


Or even better call in and have a listen!

Sennheiser's HD700's now stand amongst our most favoured over ear headphones

The HD700's are one of the lightest, most comfortable & transparent sounding headphones we've had the pleasure of listening to in a long time. 

The HD700's are a circumaural headphone design, that weighs just 270g. Couple that with ultra comfortable and luxurious velour micro-fibre ear pads; this means that you really can forget you're wearing them.

The HD700's uses a open-back design that achieves a "transparent" sound. Highly efficient 40mm drivers are used with an optimised ventilated magnet system that minimises air turbulence, an internal stainless-steel mesh suspension damper is also used to achieve a very low THD, even the silicone-treatment to the headband plays a part in making it less resonant and ultimately sound better. 

The HD700's comes with a generous 3m detachable silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable for improved ease of use & better conductivity.  

 The HD700's are a perfect combination of carefully selected materials and cutting-edge industrial design. These headphones excel in all areas and are an absolute delight to listen to. We urge you to come in store and listen for yourself.


What better time to buy... Now on offer for £470! RRP£599


Best Wishes

Simon, John & Jason.


159A Chase Side
Tel: 0208 367 3132

Pioneer's Superior Club Sound SE-MX9 Headphones Now on Demonstration.

First impressions had us hooked on their awesome finish and subtle styling.

The SE-MX9's over-ear design makes for comfortable, fatigue free listening. Pioneer quote "Thanks to their cleverly designed headband – with light, soft rubber cushion – maximum comfort and a stable fit are guaranteed." We can't argue with that, the fit & finish is fantastic!

The SE-MX9's are fully enclosed dynamic headphones that use 50mm drive units capable of reproducing impressive deep controlled bass and clean but smooth mids & highs.

The SE-MX9 comes with two cables, one 1.2 m with inline microphone and remote control (detachable OFC Litz wire with lock-function) and one 2m coiled cable, a 6.3mm Jack adaptor, an in-flight plug, Jack caps x2 each & a carrying pouch.

We love the looks, robust design, comfort and sound of the SE-MX9's. Look, touch, feel & listen for yourself in store today.


159A Chase Side
Tel: 0208 367 3132


PSB M4U-2 Closed Back Active And Noise Cancelling Headphones

PSB have been producing loudspeakers for the last forty years. This is their first foray into the headphone market and they are worth shouting about. (Not that you will hear it as they are a fully enclosed design with active noise cancelling built in).

They also have the added advantage of a built in headphone amplifier. Not only does this in many cases significantly improve the sound quality of the headphones as in overides the amplifier in the source (be it a phone, I-Pad, etc) it also extends the battery life of the listening source e.g. your phone or music player.

As an example, you may be on a long haul flight when you get half way across the Pacific and your phones die....No more music! With the PSB's amplifier activated the power is not being taken from the phone itself but the internal amplifier - Music all the way! (Remember to take some spare AAA batteries). And with noise cancelling activated the only sound you will hear is the music. Not the music with with a couple of jet engines in the background.

Sound Quality - Yes the headphones have the facility of an on board amplifier and noise cancelling but the main reason we strongly recommend these headphones is their stunning sound quality. They produce exceptionally deep powerful bass, a stunningly open and transparent midrange and a beautifully smooth and detailed top end. They play rock music as though you were 40 feet from the front of the stage or a string quartet as though you were sitting in a beautiful Georgian sitting room.

Whether you are travelling or listening on a high end hi-fi system with a dedicated headphone amplifier these headphones are a must listen.

Highly Recommended (And they got 5 stars in What Hi-Fi) and you can read their review here

Read what more about the product and what other customers have to say here 

Valhalla awaits those who ride with the Valkyries...

...well musical valhalla at least.

Introducing the new Aedle VK-1 Valkyrie.


Now, the headphone market is absolutely bursting at the seems at the moment and it always seems like another copycat headphone brand pops up everyday, and that's no over statement.

But then a company comes along that bucks that trend and comes up with something truly original.

Aedle have done just that with new VK-1 Valkyries, with genuine lambskin leather ,manganese steel and liquid silicone to name but a few exotic materials.

As you can see the fit and finish is second to none and the design and styling is beautifuly realised.

But all this would seem a little pointless were it not for the great sound quality and comfort produced by the VK-1.     


Well then, what do they sound like??

Actually, very good.

Rich and full sounding with lots of detail would be fair a description. Heres what CNET think.

The midrange with the VK-1 is fantastic and the bass although not very deep is lean and precise. Check out Hedfonia's review.

So overall, the opinion from ourselves is positive, we like them. Even AV forums like them.

Each of the VK-1 aluminum parts are sculpted one by one in a virgin aluminium ingot. 

Handsewn genuine lambskin leather for headband and cushions.


All presented in a handsome quilted case. 


The Valkyries are on demonstration at our Manchester store.

So pop over for a test drive if you fancy something fresh for your ears.

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Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphones... reviews from the web.

You may already be familar with the Bowers & Wilkins P7s, however, we just wanted to remind you of what the "world wide web" has to say about them.

So what follows is a selection of links to various publications and magazines who have reveiwed the B&W P7s.

Of course our obligatory product photos with Chromey are a sit back and enjoy. 

Click here to read some reviews from our very own customers. love them.

The New York Times love them.

Forbes magazine thinks the P7s are fantastic headphones.

Pocket Lint gave them 5 Stars!!

Super comfortable ear cups...

Wired thought they had excellent sound.

Don't forget, we have the B&W P7s ready to demonstrate at our Manchester store, so come along for a listen and see if they live up to the hype.


See you at the store.


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