Dynaudio Focus 600 XD Amazing Active Speakers At Audio T Oxford

The Dynaudio Focus 600 XD are speakers that redefine the high-end loudspeaker and high-end audio system: The perfect combination of a full-size floor standing loudspeaker and high performance digital amplification.

Both of the newly developed Focus XD ultra-long-throw Esotec+ woofers feature extremely large and powerful magnets, and each is driven by its own individual 150W power amplifier to ensure that an impressive low frequency output (down to a staggering 20 Hz) is always delivered at the highest level of precision and accuracy.

The Esotec+ midrange driver and tweeter in the Focus 600 XD are also each individually driven by a high-performance 150W power amplifier, and the four drivers are perfectly harmonized through the highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art DSP.

In practice, you connect a digital source to one 600 XD, and then run an RCA cable from that 600 XD’s digital output to the other speaker’s digital input. If you don’t run this cable between the speakers, the speakers will connect to each other wirelessly. The 600 XD includes both analogue and digital inputs. They can be operated via remote control and expanded to deliver wireless and or multi-room playback and the firmware can be updated.

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With regard to our listening experience:
Having decided that digital active speakers were the way forward we researched the market and came across these gems and immediately contacted Dynaudio's UK Sales Director Bill Livingstone to arrange to borrow a pair.

We eagerly awaited their arrival and duly wired them up in our demo room to a high quality CD transport.

We were immediately bowled over by their excellent integration, dynamics, timing and accurate wide bandwidth frequency response. We heard a precision and musicality in the bass that we have never heard before especially on some of our favourite dub reggae and EDM tracks.

They have an open window accuracy to them that allows you to enjoy all recordings, music genres and sources with equal aplomb, in fact I was so impressed I ordered a pair for myself and I have been thoroughly enjoying them ever since!

I have tried them with CDs, high-res recordings on DVD/Bluray music formats, TV broadcasts etc and they sound consistently excellent.

Another huge bonus, other than not needing multiple amplifiers/DACs/cables etc is the variable bass output control on the rear that allows you to tune them to your chosen room location rather than having to fit your room around them.

They have settings for freestanding/wall and corner positions,  using their advanced onboard DSP to adjust the bass output accordingly or just to personal taste.

Overall we are exceedingly impressed with these marvels and with 600 watts of amplifiers on board they also go exceedingly loud if you get a bit carried away after the pub!

And it would appear that the Worlds audio Press have similar thoughts....

The Absolute Sound:
Dynaudio has looked into the future and seen the dawn of a new era for active wireless digital loudspeakers. The 600 XD actually offers technical and sonic advantages not possible in traditional passive systems of this price. A case in point is the 600 XD’s spectacular bass reproduction, which is the direct result of Dynaudio’s active digital technology. The overall tonal balance was quite neutral, with very low coloration. The midrange was flat and smooth, with excellent rendering of timbre.

Image Hi-Fi :
Without any doubt, the Focus 600 XD is one of the very best speakers in this price class. More than that, it is close to ‘the last ever loudspeaker needed’ because it authentically reproduces the music and the recorded room, and it recreates the atmosphere and timbre in your own listening room.

Sound & Image:
The clarity of the sound issuing from the 600 XDs was jaw-droppingly good… The bass is almost bottomlessly deep and can deliver anything from the sledge hammer - like impact of an aggressive kick drum to the subtle caress of a viola with equal authority and with unparalleled accuracy. Vocals in particular are delivered with a crispness and a ‘you are there’ liveness that will have you shaking your head in wonderment. It’s a different way to do hi-fi — perhaps even the future of hi-fi. Simply magnificent.

The Dynaudio Focus 600 XD are £7995 (as of typing) and are available to order in the following finishes: Maple, Walnut, Rosewood, Black Ash, Piano lacquer Black and Piano lacquer White.

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a personal demonstration please contact us or call us on 01865 765961

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